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Takilube II: The Next Generation in Exposed Gear Lube

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For the past six months, select customers across the U.S. have been putting TRC’s latest product to the test. These tests were conducted in a variety of states, climates, and industries. The equipment that it was used on was in some of the most extreme environments. This selected equipment is counted on day in and day out to perform under heavy loads and excess shocks.

In every single scenario, the results were positive. These trial scenarios were comparing Takilube and Takilube II in real-world applications. The customers reported Takilube II lasting longer, staying better, improved resistance to water, stringing further, and not building up and sloughing off. They noticed the difference in color first. Most were glad to see the color change, all were glad to see the performance.


Takilube II is made with a base similar to 880 Crown & Chassis. This base has been proven to perform under extreme conditions while maintaining stability. The base formulation is then fortified with special additives designed to address the problematic areas in gear sets. Takilube II’s unique blend of performance additives has created an exposed gear lube that exhibits high viscosity, excellent adhesive and cohesive properties, high film strength, and extreme pressure protection. These qualities work together to provide a barrier against contaminants such as weather, dust, remnants from cement, limestone, sand, coal, and water. Takilube II boasts two different additives designed to increase the effective zone of adhesiveness and cohesiveness.

A Step Above

Takilube II is fortified with specialized dry film lubricants and unique friction modifiers not seen in other exposed gear grease. One of these additives is the minimum 3% Molybdenum Disulfide that is blended into Takilube II. This dry film lubricant, commonly referred to as “Moly”, will adhere to the metal surface by plating, providing a barrier of protection to the surface. This level of protection is not common in exposed gear lubes. Moly was chosen over graphite since Moly has proven to be more effective at preventing shearing, sparing, and premature wear, while providing better lubrication at the point of contact. In addition to the extra lubrication that is provided, Takilube II is equipped with anti-oxidants and a unique rust inhibitor. The “outside the box” thinking behind these enhancements to an exposed gear grease are what allows Takilube II to perform in the most extreme situations.

Versatility that Separates

When engineering Takilube II, careful consideration was taken to make certain the result could work in several areas and exceed the alternatives on the market. For example, one of the test areas used in field testing was on a manure drier. This very large cylinder rotates on multiple flat bands that are driven by a wheel built into the frame. This application is on a smooth surface and if not lubricated properly, it will overheat and “jump” out of balance. It is a major ordeal to get it to line back up properly again. In this operation, the smooth band is exposed to wind, rain, and climate changes. Takilube II stayed in place, lubricating 25% longer than the previous grease!

Takilube II was also used by a large fleet of big rigs as a lubricant for their fifth wheels. Again, exposed to the elements as well as severe load shock. The trial proved to be extremely successful. Takilube II stayed on better, lasted longer, was easier to spread, and provided a better layer of protection.

These logging outfits were the largest consumer of the original Takilube. Their experience with Takilube II played a critical role in the development of the formulation. In every test, Takilube II proved to provide better lubrication, be more tenacious, provide better coverage, and was cleaner than the previous formulation. The operators were pleasantly surprised to see the new formulation did not cake up around the gears and it seemed to last longer between grease intervals.

No matter the operation; construction, cement, industrial, logging, trucking, dairies, etc., Takilube II has proven to provide exceptional wear protection under heavy load, high shock, dusty, and water exposed areas. Takilube II’s formulation provides a more versatile grease that excels when compared to exposed lubricants that are graphite heavy, asphalt based, silicone based or use other various soap based thickeners. It goes where no other exposed gear grease has gone before.