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When temperatures drop and diesel fuel begins to gel, problems start to rapidly develop. A sudden, unexpected temperature drop can cause the wax in diesel fuel to solidify and gel. Even the best maintained equipment can be brought to a halt by gelled diesel fuel.

Full product specs:


Liquifies Gelled Fuel

DE-GEL SUPREME is highly concentrated and designed to quickly dissolve wax in fuel filters, fuel lines and fuel tanks. Within minutes DE-GEL SUPREME liquifies gelled diesel fuels. This eliminates the need for costly tow trucks. DE-GEL SUPREME contains ingredients that are soluble in both petroleum and water.


De-Ices Fuel Filters and Lines

In addition to dissolving wax, DE-GEL SUPREME is specially formulated to quickly dissolve ice build-up in fuel filters, fuel lines and fuel tanks. It is a de-gel and de-icer all in one.


Safe For Fuel Systems

While there are a variety of products on the market, many contain harmful methanol or ethanol type products. Methanol and ethanol type products can cause serious rust and corrosion problems within the fuel system.

Other products can also affect the flash point of a #2 diesel fuel by lowering the flash point. In fact, there are some products which can drastically affect start-up. DE-GEL SUPREME is the ultimate package. While quickly acting to dissipate fuel and melt ice, it is 100% safe for the system and allows fuel to burn at peak efficiency.


Easy To Use

DE-GEL SUPREME is exceptionally easy to use. A little bit of this highly concentrated product goes a long way in getting downed equipment back on the road. It is safe for use in diesel or kerosene blends. It is exceptionally beneficial in removing moisture in tanks and preventing further icing once you have de-gelled fuel.

DE-GEL SUPREME quickly and efficiently opens fuel lines and filters blocked by ice and wax. Because of its quick-acting efficiency, downtime in cold weather is drastically reduced. No need to call the tow truck when you have an emergency diesel fuel treatment with DE-GEL SUPREME.