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BAND SAW KLEENKOOL is a premium quality oil specially formulated for the unique problems associated with high speed band saws. BAND SAW KLEENKOOL is engineered to lubricate, cool, and clean residue from band saw blades.

Full product specs:


A Superior Product

Many try to lubricate high speed band saws with nothing more than naphthenic oil. While naphthenic oil can provide some natural solvency, it is a very poor lubricant and does little to remove deposits from band saw blades. Texas Refinery Corp’s BAND SAW KLEENKOOL OIL is a superlative formulation of detergents, anti-wear additives, anti-oxidants, coolants, solvents, and lubricants blended with a high quality hydro-cracked base oil for thermal stability. This complex formulation does a superior job of lubricating, cooling, cleaning, and extending high speed band saw life.


Friction Modifiers

BAND SAW KLEENKOOL contains fortified friction modifiers. High speed band saws operate in very abrasive conditions. The impurities found in lumber and the conditions around lumber mills create a very destructive environment for high speed band saws. BAND SAW KLEENKOOL’s friction modifiers help combat these abrasive conditions and reduce wear.


Keeps Blades Clean Of Sap, Tar, and Resin

Sap, tar, and resins found in most types of wood create a tremendous problem for high speed band saws. As these debris collect on the band saw surface, the speed of the blade is affected, as well as the precision of the cuts. The continuing accumulation of these residues not only slow down production and decrease efficiency, but lead to down time from broken or damaged saw blades.

BAND SAW KLEENKOOL cleans saw blades and keeps them clean with continued use. BAND SAW KLEENKOOL incorporates special cleaners that help remove sap, tar, and resin. At the same time it helps prevent deposit of resins on blades during operation.


Reduces Down Time And Operating Expenses

High-speed band saws are extremely expensive. Therefore, it is imperative to protect this investment. BAND SAW KLEENKOOL, through a combination of superior lubrication, cooling abilities, and special cleaning properties, promotes extended long life for high speed band saws. Production is increased while the need for down time to replace, clean, or adjust damaged saws is greatly reduced. BAND SAW KLEENKOOL is a must in any profitable saw mill operation.


Great Precision Cuts

BAND SAW KLEENKOOL OIL makes it easier to make those precision cuts. This is particularly important, for at high speed, the effect of severe abrasive conditions are multiplied. The speed and the abrasiveness of the products being cut generate a tremendous amount of heat. This heat can lead to premature band saw failure and imprecise cuts. These imprecise cuts are costly to any lumber cutting operation. With the use of BAND SAW KLEENKOOL OIL there is less waste lumber and more accurate cutting. Production time and efficiency is increased under the severest of conditions.


Easy to Apply And Economical To Use

BAND SAW KLEENKOOL OIL can be administered by an automatic spray lubricator or manually by using spray, drip, or brush methods. BAND SAW KLEENKOOL OIL has been uniquely formulated to flow or spray easily in a wide range of temperatures and conditions. It is very economical to use since a small amount goes a long way and does multiple jobs so well. The answer to an efficient cutting operation using high speed band saws is BAND SAW KLEENKOOL OIL.