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MIGHTYPLATE Roof Coating is a cold process asphalt-base coating. It preserves and prolongs the life of a roof by creating a seamless, pliable, long-lasting layer of water-repellent protection over existing roof surfaces. Engineered to rigid quality control specifications. After 70 years of use – MIGHTYPLATE Roof Coating has proven to be a very successful, consistent performer. MIGHTYPLATE Roof Coating can add years of service to a roof investment.

Full product specs:


Cold Process - - No Fire Hazard

MIGHTYPLATE Roof Coating is a cold-applied coating that eliminates the need of the hot bitumen kettle, also known as the hot tar kettle, or the gas flame torch. Safe and easy to use, it does not create a fire hazard to property or a health hazard to workers.


Penetrates To Form Tight Bond

MIGHTYPLATE Roof Coating’s special formulation enables it to penetrate into the existing roof membrane. This superior adhesion dramatically reduces further deterioration of the roof system. Bond failure in a properly prepared surface is virtually non-existent with MIGHTYPLATE Roof Coating.


Easy To Apply

Application of MIGHTYPLATE is simplicity at its best. Use just as it comes from the container. Can be easily applied by brush or spray. Does not require heating, stirring or thinning. It flows easily and smoothly. Since it is applied directly to the existing roof surface, the need for costly tear off of the old roof is eliminated in most cases.


Does Not Run At High Temperatures

In extreme summer heat, ordinary coatings tend to sag and creep to their own level. When such shifts occur, the roof membrane can be exposed. MIGHTYPLATE Roof Coating does not run up to 200°F. Once MIGHTYPLATE Roof Coating has cured, it does not creep or sag. It remains firmly in place to provide constant protection. Under normal conditions, MIGHTYPLATE Roof Coating cures in approximately 30 – 45 days.


Resists Cracking at Low Temperatures

Laboratory tests show MIGHTYPLATE Roof Coating resists cracking down to -40°F. Such temperature extremes can ruin a roof in a matter of hours. MIGHTYPLATE Roof Coating withstands the coldest weather and still provides quality protection.


Increases Roofing Felt Strength

MIGHTYPLATE Roof Coating makes a roof stronger, more resilient to nature’s damaging elements. Laboratory results show that MIGHTYPLATE Roof Coating increases the tensile strength of roofing felt by approximately 22%. In addition, MIGHTYPLATE Roof Coating’s plasticizers and penetrating oils help keep a roof tough and pliable to withstand thermal expansion and contraction.