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Universal Torque Fluid Complete

UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID COMPLETE is a high-performance tractor hydraulic fluid that can be used in powershift or variable transmissions, final drives, clutches, wet brakes, and hydraulic systems of farm tractors, earthmoving equipment, and other slow-moving machinery per the OEM specifications. It is a multi-viscosity, 10W/20 oil, that can also be used in stationary and/or mobile applications where an ISO 32, ISO 46, and/or ISO 68 hydraulic oil is required.

Full product specs:

Designed for Variable Transmissions

Certain OEMs in the agricultural, forestry, and construction industries have begun manufacturing earthmoving equipment with variable transmissions (known as CVTs or IVTs). The use of variable transmissions in these pieces of equipment aid in fuel-efficiency, reduce internal wear because of the lack of clutch plates, and help improve performance and productivity; however, because of their constant motion, variable transmissions place more of a strain on the lubricating fluid. To help the oil maintain its viscosity and extend its life, UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID COMPLETE is formulated with a special shear stable additive. This shear stable additive also provides additional dispersant properties to prevent deposits in the oil and enhanced demulsibility when water contamination is present.


Fights Against Foam

Foaming is a significant problem with tractor hydraulic fluids, because so many of the fluids are made with the bare minimum of additives. In the presence of moisture or increased temperatures, lesser tractor fluids foam in the system. The foaming in the system can lead to a phenomenon known as cavitation. UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID COMPLETE contains a high level of foam inhibitors that suppress foam in the system, eliminating the occurrence of cavitation. Suppressing foam in tractor fluids is imperative to avoid blown hoses and/or wear that could result in catastrophic failures.


Maintains Oxidative Stability

Hydraulic systems in modern equipment require a fluid that can withstand higher temperatures. Modern equipment is expected to be more powerful and perform more work over a longer period without succumbing to breakdowns. The added stress these factors place on the system, requires the addition of a lubricant that does not breakdown and oxidize under increased temperatures. UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID COMPLETE contains powerful antioxidant additives that keeps equipment operating at optimal levels without becoming sluggish or erratic due to oxidation of the lubricant.

Boosted Wear Additives

UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID COMPLETE goes above and beyond to provide a level of wear protection that far exceeds OEM requirements. Formulated with 2,000 parts per million of zinc, UNIVERSAL TORQUE FLUID COMPLETE contains the additive package to protect the bearings, pumps, valves, and spindles. The additional boost in additives also aids in suppressing brake chatter, without robbing the brakes of their needed capacity.