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Sure-Step II Non-Skid Resurfacer

SURE-STEP II NON-SKID RESURFACER is a one-component epoxy ester product which contains abrasive particles of almost diamond hardness. It is specifically designed to provide a non-skid floor and deck coating in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic.

Full product specs:


Provides Safe, Slip-Free Surface

Many dangerous falls and slips can be avoided by simply providing firm footing. SURE-STEP II NON-SKID RESURFACER helps prevent injuries by providing a sure-footed walking surface. SURE-STEP II gives shoes and boots something to “grab,” adding an extra measure of safety around business or commercial property.


Easy To Use

Sure Step II is a 2 component non-skid system that comes ready to use.  Simply mix the 2 components thoroughly until material is uniform in color and appearance and it’s ready to apply.  It’s that easy!


Fast and Easy To Apply

SURE-STEP II is easily applied with the phenolic roller provided in the kit. Simply pour a “ribbon” of SURE-STEP II about six inches wide and two feet long on the surface, then roll the material toward you with a moderate amount of pressure. SURE-STEP II is also easily applied with a trowel, particularly to small areas such as steps.



SURE-STEP II can be applied at surface temperatures ranging from 50°F. to 120°F. It is ideal for use indoors or outdoors – – can be used on concrete, metal or wood surfaces. SURE-STEP II’s versatility makes it the perfect product when a non-skid surface is needed. Typical applications include ramps, stairs, decks, marinas, docks, schools . . . the list goes on and on. SURE-STEP II is an ideal do it yourself product.


Fire and Chemical Resistant

When cured, SURE-STEP II is fire resistant. It is also resistant to gasoline, oil, numerous acids and chemicals, alkalies, aliphatic solvents, salt water and helps protect steel surfaces from corrosion.