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Suresta® Moly Chain Oil

SURESTA® (pronounced sure stay) MOLY CHAIN OIL is a gray-black oil that comes in aerosol containers. The containers hold 12.5 ounces of one of the finest spray chain oils on the market. SURESTA® MOLY CHAIN OIL contains molybdenum disulfide or moly as it’s known in the industry. It is one of the finest dry film lubricants known to man. In addition, SURESTA® MOLY CHAIN OIL is an easy and economical way to apply the exact amount of quality lubricant directly to the area that needs lubrication.

Full product specs:



The base oils in SURESTA® MOLY CHAIN OIL do an excellent job of penetrating down the pins and rollers and into those hard-to-reach spots on chains. It has deep penetrating capabilities and provides a light lubricant to parts. This product does a good job of rust protection too.


Gives Positive Lubrication

There are many advantages to using aerosol products. Once the container has been shaken, you will deliver a properly mixed product directly to the part needing lubrication. The aerosol delivery also helps in the penetrating action down pins, rollers, and into those other hard-to-reach spots.


Contains Molybdenum Disulfide

The use of molybdenum disulfide (moly) reduces friction, provides precision lubrication, even if the oil slings off. Molybdenum disulfide is a lubricant in its natural form. It looks a great deal like graphite, but it is twice as slippery. Some of its lubricity and anti-seizing properties surpass any other commercially available solid lubricant. Moly is well-known for its ability to support a load. Once the micro-thin film has been deposited on the metal parts, it can carry loads as high as 500,000 PSI. This means the plated metal surfaces are protected and lubricated even under dry starts.


Provides a Film of Solid Lubrication

Continued use of SURESTA® MOLY CHAIN OIL replaces the “solid lubricant” that is worn away. Of course, the layer of “solid lubricant” is not built up in one application. It only takes a few applications to establish the film of lubricant, and it stays there, defying removal. In fact, the only known way to remove it is to grind or wear, once it adheres to the metal. Also, you don’t have to worry about the product creating a binding action. Moly will plate out only to a maximum of 2/10,000 of an inch and that will not affect the clearances necessary for proper operation.



Some think aerosols are expensive. Contrary to popular belief, an aerosol is an economical delivery system. Very little is used and it is put directly in the area that needs lubrication. There is less waste, drippage, and splatter using an aerosol than one of the standard liquid chain lubes.


Easy To Apply

The ease of application eliminates the excuse for not lubricating. In addition to the ease of application, operators of equipment like aerosol products, because they are a clean and easy way to apply the product. In some instances, unless an aerosol is provided, the operator may not lubricate, simply because of inconvenience. Aerosols eliminate the ordinary objections and do away with excuses for not lubricating properly.