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Special Universal Oil

SPECIAL UNIVERSAL OIL is designed to meet a wide range of lubrication needs and is available in a span of 7 viscosity grades from ISO 22 (SAE 5) to ISO 220 (SAE 50). It is designed and field tested to meet the demands of airline mist oil, drip oil, compressor oil, chain oil, form oil, spindle lubricant, hydraulic fluid, and a host of other applications. It is a non-detergent, general purpose fluid made with high quality base oils and superior quality additives.

Full product specs:


Made From Quality Base Oil

Almost any well-refined oil of the correct viscosity will adequately lubricate, for very short periods of time, equipment operating with normal loads and moderate temperature. However, Texas Refinery Corp. SPECIAL UNIVERSAL OILS are made from high quality base oils that improve the oils oxidation resistance and its response to the superior quality additives used by Texas Refinery Corp. In the real world, as operating temperatures rise, the inexpensive oils deteriorate and deposits of oxidation tend to increase rapidly. SPECIAL UNIVERSAL OIL from Texas Refinery Corp. is fortified against oxidation and deterioration to give long service life and to protect the equipment even in tough applications.


Contains Anti-Wear and Seal Protector Additives

One of the quality additives used in SPECIAL UNIVERSAL OIL is the anti-wear package. It is a long-chemical-chain zinc compound capable of passing manufacturer’s severe pump tests. The anti-wear package has proven itself to reduce the need for replacement parts under tough operating conditions. Cost savings are dramatic with the use of this anti-wear system. In addition, SPECIAL UNIVERSAL OIL protects seals. The oils contain seal protectors which are designed to control seal hardness and enable the seal to serve its function over greatly extended periods of time. Preservation of the seal means preventing oil loss. Equipment downtime to replace seals is greatly reduced.


Contains Rust, Oxidation, and Foam Inhibitors

Another part of the quality additive package deals with excellent rust and oxidation inhibitors. Since SPECIAL UNIVERSAL OIL has been hydroprocessed, it responds very well to these high-quality additives and does a super job of preventing rust and the associated problems. It also prolongs the life of the oil by preventing oxidation which can then lead to sludge or varnish. This means extended drain intervals and reduced maintenance costs. In addition, SPECIAL UNIVERSAL OIL has approximately two and a half times the amount of anti-foam chemistry, determined as minimum standard to pass tests. Since the product doesn’t foam, you can be assured of high-quality performance of your equipment under a wide variety of operating conditions.


Separates From Water

SPECIAL UNIVERSAL OIL does a superb job of separating from air (foam), water, and other contaminants. In the area of separation from water, the product is exceptional. This ability to separate from water is known as demulsibility. Since SPECIAL UNIVERSAL OIL is expected to give extended service life, it is important it does not retain water contacted through condensation, cooler leaks, or other sources. If it retained water, it could cause equipment damage through rust, and cause changes in the fluid characteristics of the oil. Fortunately, SPECIAL UNIVERSAL OIL has exceptional emulsion breaking characteristics. This is another example of the quality of the base oils and additives.



SPECIAL UNIVERSAL OIL has a great many different types of applications. It can be used for everything from a general plant lubricant to very special needs. Actually the uses are limited only by your imagination. Some of the uses are oil mist systems, sight feed oilers, enclosed gears (non EP), circulating systems, machine tool lubrication, electric motors, high-speed spindles, as well as airline lubrication, drip oils, chain, and cable lubrication.


Consolidates Inventory

SPECIAL UNIVERSAL OIL has the ability to consolidate inventory because of its multi-function use. It can take the place of many oils in various applications. Customers enjoy reduced inventory as well as reduced confusion on which oil goes to what application. The economy of inventory consolidation is well known.