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MIGHTYPLATE ROOF PRIMER is designed to prepare an asphalt roof surface for the application of MIGHTYPLATE ROOF COATINGS. It provides excellent adhesion and adds protective asphalt to the existing roof.

Full product specs:


The Ideal Base Surface

MIGHTYPLATE ROOF PRIMER is designed to penetrate and rejuvenate a dried-out roof surface by helping to restore flexibility to roofing felt. Its unfibered formulation provides a sound base and an ideally receptive surface for Texas Refinery Corp’s MIGHTYPLATE ROOF COATINGS.


Resists Oxidation

MIGHTYPLATE ROOF PRIMER contains a high-quality, catalytically air-blown asphalt which does not oxidize or deteriorate as quickly as conventional asphalts. Thus it resists becoming hard and brittle, enabling it to withstand the constant expansion and contraction caused by changing weather conditions.


High Solids Content

MIGHTYPLATE ROOF PRIMER contains 70% asphalt. This gives it a significantly higher solids content than many conventional roof primers which are approximately half solvent. As solvents evaporate, MIGHTYPLATE ROOF PRIMER leaves more protective asphalt on the roof surface.


Strong Elastic Bond

MIGHTYPLATE ROOF PRIMER is highly effective when used to seal together laps of roll roofing used in capsheet systems. It forms a tight bond, yet is highly resistant to hardening. Consequently it remains pliable to expand and contract with natural roof movement.


Easy To Apply

MIGHTYPLATE ROOF PRIMER is applied just as it comes from the container. No need for heating, stirring or thinning. It can be applied directly by brush, spray or roller. Expensive skilled labor is not needed.


When To Use

In principle, all dried-out asphalt roofs should be primed with a coat of MIGHTYPLATE PRIMER. The high-quality asphalt in MIGHTYPLATE PRIMER does not oxidize or deteriorate as quickly as conventional asphalts.
The purpose of priming is twofold:
(1) to add protective asphalt to the existing roof surface and
(2) to provide an ideal base for the application of MIGHTYPLATE ROOF COATING.
Allow Primer to cure before applying MIGHTYPLATE Roof Coatings. Curing time depends on weather conditions and quantity of Primer used, but usually 10 to 14 days is sufficient.
Whether or not to apply Primer, as well as the quantity used, depends entirely on the condition of the existing roof surface.
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