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NO SPLASH OIL WITH PARATAC is an amber colored oil with high quality special additives. One of the additives, paratac, is a tackiness agent which gives the oils some unusual properties, enabling it to be used in areas where leakage or drippage might cause a problem. It is a superior quality product for a wide variety of applications.

Full product specs:


For Chain Lubrication

One of the areas where NO SPLASH OIL WITH PARATAC excels is in the lubrication of chains. This product does a first rate job of lubricating chain, sprockets, teeth, etc. Due to the PARATAC, the oil places a high strength lubricating film on all metal surfaces that maximizes protection. This product makes an excellent bar and chain oil for chain saws. It also is used on industrial chains to minimize oil dripping. The unique ability of this oil not to drip allows it to be used often on overhead chains where dripping oil could be harmful. The benefits in housekeeping alone are obvious.


Journal and Bearing Lube

Other areas where the product can be used are the lubrication of shafts and various types of plain bearings. The product has the ability to “stay put” even in an area where a worn seal is not doing a good job of keeping other oils from dripping. It produces an adhesive oil film on the journals and bearing surfaces. It retards oil leakage from the bearing.



This product can be used in a variety of applications and a variety of application methods. For example, the product has been used in sight oil systems, bath or reservoir systems, pressure-fed systems, or spray mist type systems. It lubricates machine ways, chains and cables, bearings and shafts, gear boxes (non EP), as well as other circulating systems.



NO SPLASH OIL WITH PARATC is economical to use from many angles. First of all, there will be a dramatic decrease in the oil usage, because it retards leakage and run off. Then, of course, there is the benefit of housekeeping. You don’t have messy floors, the safety problems that go along with it, or the man hours that are needed to clean up the ordinary mess left by other oils.


Quality Base Oils

NO SPLASH OIL WITH PARATAC is made from the finest base oils available. The oils are 95 VI which means they do not thin out under heat nor thicken under cold the way low VI oils will do. The oils have been put through special refining processes. One of these is the solvent extraction process which removes undesirable characteristics from the base stock. If solvent extraction did not occur, the oil might contribute to sludge, gum, or varnish problems. The next special refining step is hydro-treating which improves the oil’s oxidation resistance. Also in the hydro-treating process the oil’s response to the high quality additives used by Texas Refinery Corp is improved.


A Superior Quality Product

Its wide temperature operating range, tackiness, thermal stability, and rust inhibitors make it a superior quality product. Areas that use the product regularly include construction, mining, logging, textile and food industries, machine shops, packing plants, bottling companies, – – the list goes on and on.