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A natural lubricant mined principally from ore deposits in the Colorado Rockies, Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2 or Moly), is one of the best lubricants known to science. Similar in appearance to graphite, Moly is twice as slippery, providing a tough, durable lubricating film. It has a load carrying capacity from 225,000 upwards to 500,000 psi which is beyond the yield strength of most metals.

Full product specs:


Withstands High Temperature Applications

MOLY DRY FILM LUBRICANT can be used in high temperature applications up to 650°F and in applications where the temperature might go as high as 750°F intermittently. It is a particularly useful lubricant and release compound for applications where extremely high pressures are encountered, including anti-seize, and press fit applications.


Superior Protection

MOLY DRY FILM LUBRICANT is a dispersion of colloidal Molybdenum Disulfide and a special binding resin that provides excellent lubricity and wears better than a coating of pure moly. Packaged as a convenient aerosol spray using a hydrocarbon propellant, it forms a tough lubricant film upon curing. Designed for use where a strong but dry lubricating film is required or desired, without the aftereffects of a wet, greasy residual film of conventional lubricants.


Superior Formula

MOLY DRY FILM LUBRICANT also provides superior rust and corrosion resistance by its plating action. Since Molybdenum Disulfide is virtually inert, oxidation is kept to a minimum.
MOLY DRY FILM can be applied as a strong adhesive film to a wide variety of materials with little or no surface pretreatment required. This includes both ferrous base and alloy metals as well as most other commonly used metals, plastics, woods, and glass.


Resists Rust and Corrosion

Moving parts are protected by Moly’s magnetic-like attraction to metal. When Moly is applied to metal surfaces and pressure is applied, it fills the pores and “bonds” to the surface, minimizing metal-to-metal contact maintaining an extremely low coefficient of friction. It will build to no more than .0002 of an inch, therefore, tolerances are unaffected.


Variety of Uses

MOLY DRY FILM LUBRICANT is ideal for a wide variety of normal and unusual applications:
• Chains, Gears, Hinges
• Automotive and Industrial Gaskets
• Maintenance Lubrication
• Dies, Threads
• Stop-off Plating Coatings
• Rubber Moly Release Compound
• Gear Sliding Surfaces
• Engine Assembly
• Drawing, Piercing, Hole Extruding
• Conveyors, couplings, belts, pulleys
Also excellent for coating parts to prevent corrosion during shipping and yet have them lubricated and ready to use when they arrive at the site.