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Ultra-Tec Gear Lube

ULTRA-TEC GEAR LUBE provides exceptional protection and lubrication for gears in the toughest conditions. Manufactured with a heavy additive package designed to withstand rust, corrosion, wear, extreme pressure, foam and oxidation, ULTRA-TEC GEAR LUBE is the gear lubricant of choice for both over the road and off the road applications needing the best protection for their gears.

Full product specs:


Heat Resistant

The ability of a lubricant to dissipate heat is of paramount importance to the life of a gear box. The reduction of operating temperatures means better lubrication, extended oil life and reduced wear. ULTRA-TEC GEAR LUBE is fortified with advanced polymer technology enabling it to coat gear surfaces, reducing heat, friction, and wear.


Water Separating

Due to the extreme temperature fluctuations associated with operating, water contamination becomes a serious concern in gear boxes. Condensation can be phenomenal. ULTRA-TEC GEAR LUBE contains “breakaway” technology that creates a quick and efficient separation from water, providing assured lubrication and longer lubricant life.


Foam Arresting

Foaming in a gear box can cause tremendous problems such as overheating, false oil level readings, excessive pressure, blown seals and insufficient lubricant. ULTRATEC GEAR LUBE contains two types of anti-foam agents designed to quickly arrest foam and that results in smooth, even lubrication.


Extreme Pressure

With the extreme pressures being placed on many gear boxes today, an EP (Extreme Pressure) gear lubricant is vital. ULTRA-TEC GEAR LUBE is enriched with the finest EP package available and is formulated at optimum levels to ensure superior protection of gear teeth.


Deposit Reducing

Heat causes petroleum products to break down, often leaving residual amounts of gum and varnish on gear teeth. The use of high quality oils and superior additive packages designed to fortify those oils has resulted in ULTRA-TEC GEAR LUBE being capable of providing unparalleled system cleanliness.