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H-1 Food Machinery Lubricant

Texas Refinery’s H-1 FOOD MACHINERY LUBRICANT is a premium, non-toxic gear lubricant for use in food processing or packaging plants, meat, poultry, and fish processing plants, beverage and bottling plants, dairies and creameries, candy and snack plants, and the pharmaceutical industry requiring a food-grade, quality product. This product is formulated for the NSF H-1 specification for incidental contact with food, and complies with past USDA guidelines for food contact listed in CFR Title 21 Part 178, Section 178.3570.

Full product specs:


Excellent Load-Carrying Capacity

H-1 FOOD MACHINERY LUBRICANT has outstanding load-carrying capacity for enclosed gear sets, gear drives, and reduction gears which are located in a sensitive area of a food processing operation. It can also be used in hydraulic or circulating systems, air compressors, on slides and guides, and on chains that require an ISO 150 or 220 lubricant. H-1 FOOD MACHINERY LUBRICANT helps food and beverage processors, who are constantly trying to find ways to boost productivity, achieve exceptional lubrication and long service life of the fluid and their equipment.


Fortified With Additional Additives

In addition to the load-carrying capabilities, H-1 FOOD MACHINERY LUBRICANT is also fortified with additives for: Anti-Wear, Rust and Corrosion Protection, Water Separability, Foam Control, and Oxidation Stability. Formulating these additional additives into H-1 FOOD MACHINERY LUBRICANT, combined with no-charge oil analysis on this product through an outside, independent laboratory, provides manufacturers and processors with the tools needed to operate efficiently and reduce downtime.


Additional Customer Benefits

H-1 FOOD MACHINERY LUBRICANT offers additional value and benefits:
• Inhibiting Oxidation – high oxidation stability will help protect against oil thickening and sludge formation.
• Long Oil Service Intervals
• Rust Protection for wet environments
• Variety of applications help to reduce inventory


Other Industries

Industries other than food and beverage processing and pharmaceutical benefit from using the H-1 FOOD MACHINERY LUBRICANT. Other areas that may need a water white, non-toxic gear lubricant include water treatment plants, organic farms, hospitals, chicken house operation, Army Corp of Engineers or other companies working near water, breweries, feed lots, grain elevators, and textile plants.