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WB RAINSEAL is a water-repellent transparent coating which protects above ground masonry from the damaging effects of moisture. Its long-lasting formulation is economical and easy to use.

Full product specs:


Repels Water

WB RAINSEAL contains a minimum 5% silicone to coat each tiny pore of masonry. Water strikes the surface and is unable to penetrate, forcing the water to roll harmlessly to the ground. While WB RAINSEAL provides a tough film, it allows normal and necessary air circulation through the masonry surface.


Protects Masonry

Water first attacks unprotected mortar joints, causing unsightly efflorescence. Over time, water can dissolve or erode these unprotected areas. WB RAINSEAL protects masonry surfaces and helps keep walls clean and free of efflorescence and the damaging effects of water. In addition, WB RAINSEAL protected walls stay cleaner because dirt has no place to anchor itself and rolls off with the rain.



WB Rainseal is formulated with a milky appearance but quickly dries clear.  It will not stain walls or other surfaces and it will not change the color or texture of the protected masonry.



When WB RAINSEAL is properly applied, a long-lasting bond is made with the masonry surface. One good application should keep masonry walls cleaner and water repellent for five years or longer. WB RAINSEAL is excellent in all climates.



WB RAINSEAL saves money in three important ways. (1) The water-repellent qualities of WB RAINSEAL protect the building investment. (2) Upkeep costs are dramatically reduced. (3) The easy application of WB RAINSEAL saves valuable time.