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Tuff Stuff

TUFF STUFF is designed, formulated and manufactured as a concentrated steam cleaning and pressure washing compound. It contains ingredients that prevent scale buildup in the equipment, emulsify and dissolve grease and remove dirt from most surfaces. TUFF STUFF is a very effective cleaner for trucks, equipment, off-road vehicles, rigs, floors, etc.

Full product specs:



TUFF STUFF is an economical, concentrated, multipurpose cleaning compound. This detergent contains a unique, synergistic blend of industrial grade degreasers in combination with premium surfactants. The degreaser is a water-soluble solvent built for penetration and dispersion of industrial grease and grime. The surfactant blend works as an emulsifier, foam builder and destabilizer as well as a penetrant to aid in freeing the dirt and grime from the surface being cleaned. TUFF STUFF also contains ingredients that make it the product of choice for steam cleaning and pressure washing. These ingredients prevent scale buildup in the coils, nozzles and lines of steam cleaning equipment. Stout alkaline builders are also present to give TUFF STUFF the extra “bite” needed in removing grime. TUFF STUFF is a pleasantly scented, dark peach colored liquid with a pH of 12.5.



1. Contains water softening agents.
2. Contains a water soluble solvent.
3. Exhibits excellent rinsability.
4. Economical.
5. Completely water soluble. Mixes instantly.
6. Manufactured with biodegradable ingredients.
7. Nonflammable.