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MIGHTYPLATE Plastic Cement is one of the finest asphalt maintenance materials available on the international market today. It is used to repair leaks and prepare potential trouble areas on a roof before the application of MIGHTYPLATE Roof Coatings. Used in conjunction with GLAS-WEB, it makes weak areas strong and prolongs the service life of a roof. It is a trowelable material.

Full product specs:


Repairs and Reinforces

MIGHTYPLATE Plastic Cement is ideal for EMERGENCY REPAIRS. In an emergency situation, it can be applied over damp or wet areas even during a rain. Then, when weather permits, a more permanent patch using MIGHTYPLATE Plastic Cement and GLAS-WEB Patching Material can be made. It is an excellent product to have on hand when troublesome and costly leaks occur. Before any effective program of roof maintenance begins, proper preparation must take place. MIGHTYPLATE Plastic Cement is the first step in repairing, preparing and reinforcing a roof prior to coating. Its full-bodied texture fills voids and cracks, yet it goes on easily and smoothly.


Strengthens Weak Areas

Studies show more than 90% of all roof leaks occur in just a few areas. These areas need the extra strength, durability and long-lasting protection provided by MIGHTYPLATE Plastic Cement and GLAS-WEB Roofing Mesh. Use MIGHTYPLATE Plastic Cement and GLAS-WEB Roofing Mesh to repair the following problem areas:
• flashings around roof protrusions such as vent pipes, air conditioning units, expansion joints, skylights and drains
• flashings and copings of parapet walls or roof edges without parapet walls
• blisters, ridges, wrinkles, cracks or breaks in roofing membranes
• vertical and horizontal seams on metal roofs


Remains Pliable Longer

MIGHTYPLATE Plastic Cement is blended to form a homogeneous and consistent product. It resists oxidation, remains pliable longer than competitive products because of the catalytically air-blown asphalt used in its manufacture. MIGHTYPLATE Plastic Cement expands and contracts with a roof’s natural movement, so repair work lasts longer.


Versatile Protection

MIGHTYPLATE Plastic Cement is formulated to complement Texas Refinery’s MIGHTYPLATE and MIGHTYPLY® Roof Systems. Manufactured from the same high quality catalytically air-blown asphalt as MIGHTYPLATE Roof Coatings, it can be used on a variety of roof surfaces including asphalt and gravel, built- up composition roofs, and metal roofs.


Advanced Formula

TRC developed a Sandwich System for Roof Repair using MIGHTYPLATE Plastic Cement and GLAS-WEB Roofing Mesh. This system prolongs the service life of a roof. GLAS-WEB Roofing Mesh is a pure glass fiber woven into a cloth-like sheet and coated with a special asphaltic material that is compatible with MIGHTYPLATE asphalt products. It is flexible and strong. The glass filament will not shrink or burn. It does not rot, corrode or decay and is unaffected by most acids.
First clean the surface to be repaired. Trowel on the Plastic Cement. Lay the Roofing Mesh into the Plastic Cement. Finally, apply another layer of Plastic Cement. The Roofing Mesh reinforces the Plastic Cement much like steel reinforces concrete. This Sandwich System provides extra strength, durability and long-lasting protection. It makes danger areas and weak points on your roof strong again.