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MIGHTYPLATE II ROOF COATING is a cold process asphalt-base coating designed to provide years of durable roof protection. Its superior qualities are similar in many ways to regular MIGHTYPLATE ROOF COATING. It is used to resaturate and waterproof existing roofs and is the preferred coating for applying a capsheet over an existing roof membrane. It is equally effective in building a new roof system from the deck up.

Full product specs:


Greater Weatherability

Through an increase in coating thickness and fiber content, MIGHTYPLATE II provides additional life to your roof compared to other roof coatings. Additionally, MIGHTYPLATE II is formulated to hold up under the most adverse of weather conditions.


Superior Adhesion To Most Building Surfaces

MIGHTYPLATE II contains more penetration oils to allow a “deep root” adhesion to roof substrates. Bond failure on a properly prepared surface is virtually nonexistent.


Easy To Apply

MIGHTYPLATE II is applied just as it comes from the container, no need for heating, stirring or thinning. Since it is applied directly to the existing roof surface, the need for costly tear off of the old roof is eliminated in most cases. MIGHTYPLATE II ROOF COATING may be applied by brush or spray. It cures in approximately 30-45 days under normal conditions.


Withstands Extreme Temperatures

Laboratory tests prove MIGHTYPLATE II does not crack at -40°F. . . . and does not flow at 200°F. Such temperature extremes can ruin ordinary coatings in a matter of hours. However, MIGHTYPLATE II remains firmly in place, providing lasting protection season after season.


Resistant To Air Pollutants

MIGHTYPLATE II helps provide a durable shield of protection against air pollutants while guarding against unwanted corrosion and deterioration.