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UTF Red Complete

UTF RED COMPLETE is a high-performance tractor hydraulic fluid that can be used in powershift or variable transmissions, final drives, clutches, wet brakes, and hydraulic systems of farm tractors, earthmoving equipment, and other slow-moving machinery per the OEM specifications. It can also be used in stationary and/or mobile applications where an ISO 32, ISO 46, ISO 68 and/or ISO 100 hydraulic oil is required. UTF RED COMPLETE is a multi-viscosity 10W/30 oil.

Full product specs:


Protects Variable Transmissions

Certain OEMs in the agricultural, forestry, and construction industries have begun manufacturing earthmoving equipment with variable transmissions (known as CVTs or IVTs) to aid in fuel-efficiency and improve productivity. While variable transmissions often wear less because of the lack of clutch plates present in powershift transmission, the variable transmissions place more of a strain on the lubricating fluid. UTF RED COMPLETE contains a special shear stable additive that not only helps the oil maintain its viscosity, but the additive also provides additional dispersant properties to prevent deposits and enhanced demulsibility when water contamination is present.


Provides Enhanced Additives

UTF RED COMPLETE goes above and beyond to provide a level of wear protection that far exceeds OEM requirements. The slightly tacky nature of UTF RED COMPLETE helps it cling to gears extremely well and absorb shock loads produced by variations in load and drive, engine torque or vibration, shifting, and wheel slip. The tackiness of the oil also reduces the meshing of the gears upon start-up. UTF RED COMPLETE is formulated with a zinc additive level of 2,000 parts per million to protect the internal components of tractor hydraulic systems. The additional boost in additives also aids in suppressing brake chatter, without robbing the brakes of their needed capacity.


Outstanding Oxidation Stability

Today’s hydraulic systems are required to do more work, over a longer period, with more power. All of this adds up to increased stress on the system lubricant, resulting in higher temperatures and oxidation of the lubricant. Hydraulic systems that succumb to oxidation operate either erratically or sluggishly, thus impacting the overall performance. UTF RED COMPLETE contains powerful antioxidant additives that work to resist oxidation in the system to keep equipment running at optimum performance levels.

Suppresses Foam

Inferior tractor fluids are susceptible to foaming in the presence of increased temperatures and/or the presence of moisture. When the oil foams, cavitation occurs in the system. The impact of cavitation can range from minor wear of the system, to blown hoses, to catastrophic failure. UTF RED COMPLETE contains a high level of foam inhibitors that suppress foam in the system. This avoids operational shutdowns and helps to extend equipment life.