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WINTER-PATCH PLASTIC CEMENT is a trowelable, asphalt-based, cold weather roof repair compound. It may be used with GLAS-WEB Roofing Mesh to add even greater strength and life to your roof repairs when weather, temperature and exposure time allows.

Full product specs:


Cold and Wet Roof Repairs

Repair leaks or potential leak areas with WINTER-PATCH, even in wet or cold weather. WINTER-PATCH is easily applied with a trowel. No expensive application equipment is needed. Stopping leaks with WINTER-PATCH is quick and easy . . . it’s ideal for do-it-yourself repair jobs. Even if a roof is not leaking, periodic preventive maintenance programs include inspections that uncover problem areas which result in the need for repairs even during winter months.

If left untreated, these problem areas cause major damage to equipment, inventory and interior of the building. Texas Refinery Corp. developed WINTER-PATCH PLASTIC CEMENT to help with roof repairs; both emergency and planned, even on those cold days when most products won’t budge from their container.


Applies Easily In Low Temperatures

WINTER-PATCH is trowelable down to 25°F. with no creep on vertical walls up to 40°F. WINTER-PATCH may be applied on flat surfaces from 25°F. to 100+° F.


Remains Pliable Longer

WINTER-PATCH PLASTIC CEMENT resists oxidation, so repairs last longer. It remains pliable longer than competitive products because of catalytically air-blown asphalt used in its manufacture. Because roof membranes expand and contract with changing temperatures – even in winter – it’s important to repair with a product that moves with the roof and remains pliable.


Versatile Protection

MIGHTYPLATE WINTER-PATCH is for use in Colder Applications than is practical with MIGHTYPLATE PLASTIC CEMENT. It can be used in the repair of: Flashings, Joints, Valleys, Gutters, Firewalls, Parapets, Cracks and Breaks in Chimneys, Securing of Loose Shingles
MIGHTYPLATE WINTER-PATCH can be used for General Roof Repair, including:
Composition, Gravel, Asphalt, Concrete, Metal