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Mightyplate® Modified Bitumen Granulated Single-Ply Roofing Membrane

MIGHTYPLATE® GRANULATED SINGLE-PLY is a self-contained, complete roofing and waterproofing system in rolls. The product is composed of a polyester fabric core sandwiched between two layers of modified bitumen and a top layer of UV reflecting mineral granules. It is greater than 170 mils thick, possesses superior heat resistance, low temperature flexibility and excellent workability. MIGHTYPLATE® GRANULATED SINGLE-PLY is manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility that utilizes advanced production equipment engineered for precise control throughout the manufacturing process.

Full product specs:


Thermal Stress and Fatique Resistance

MIGHTYPLATE® GRANULATED SINGLE-PLY provides excellent waterproofing protection with minimal damage potential due to thermal stresses. MIGHTYPLATE® GRANULATED SINGLE-PLY combines the exceptional elongation and fatigue resistance properties of modified bitumen with the strength of a polyester reinforcement mat and the UV reflecting top granule coat. Superior granule embedment decreases granule loss and provides long-term UV roof protection and aesthetics.


Highly Elastic and Lightweight

All roofs move. Changing temperature cause roofs to expand and contract. Therefore, roofing materials must be designed to move with them. The composition of MIGHTYPLATE® GRANULATED SINGLE-PLY allows it to be highly elastic while resisting cracking and splitting, even under extreme weather conditions.
MIGHTYPLATE® GRANULATED SINGLE-PLY adds just over 103 pounds of weight per 100 square feet to the existing roof system. This is much less than conventional hot applied systems which require gravel, and much less than the ballasted rubber roofs which use large river rock to hold them in place. Since no gravel or river rock is needed or recommended with MIGHTYPLATE® GRANULATED SINGLE-PLY, it is easy to make periodic inspections and perform necessary maintenance.


One Easy Labor Saving Application

The MIGHTYPLATE® GRANULATED SINGLE-PLY one step application cuts labor time and reduces greatly application costs. The propane torch application can be made in either hot or cold weather. The existing roof system must be clean and dry. To assure proper adhesion, heat both surfaces to the melt point and roll it on. It literally vulcanizes itself to the existing surface. For convenience,the rolls are marked to assure proper overlaps and alignment.
Any granules within the seam area must be worked down into the sheet, so as to provide a smooth and relatively granule-free surface within the seam. With recommended seam and end overlaps, 1 roll covers 98 square feet. Request a free application booklet to insure proper installation.