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Pro-Spec® III Synthetic Blend

PRO-SPEC® III MULTI-VISCOSITY MOTOR OIL tackles the numerous problems associated with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) used in many diesel engine designs. When exhaust gas is recirculated to be burned a second time, this gas displaces oxygen, creating cooler combustion. In doing this, many of the exhaust contaminants end up in the engine oil. Oils exposed to EGR systems show an increase in soot, acid number (AN) and viscosity – – while the engine and the oil are both exposed to corrosive/acidic gases, particulate build-up and excessive moisture. PROSPEC® III offers superior protection from all these problems and more.

Full product specs:


Made With High Quality Base Stock

PRO-SPEC® III is a blend of synthetic oil, which incorporates the purest and finest severely hydro-cracked and hydro-finished base stocks available. This unique combination of base stocks means PRO-SPEC® III provides improved oil flow for superior cold cranking protection. In addition, when high engine operating temperatures are encountered, which is common with low emission engines, this unique synthetic blend ensures a superior oil film of protection for vital moving engine parts.

The pure and highly refined base stocks of PRO-SPEC® III contribute to an oil with low oil volatility. Because of the base stocks ability to resist oxidation during high heat operation, you use less oil due to consumption and evaporation. This means longer service life for the oil and reduced oil consumption, yet better engine protection. PROSPEC® III base stock, along with an outstanding additive package, means no varnish, gum or sludge build-up on internal engine parts.


Improved Soot Control

PRO-SPEC® III provides increased soot control. Texas Refinery Corp. PRO-SPEC® III contains top of the line dispersants to control soot thickening, sludge, and varnish as well as keep other deposit pre-cursors suspended in the oil so that they can be filtered out.


Contains Superior Additives

PRO-SPEC® III meets or exceeds the latest diesel engine oil specifications CH-4, CI-4 and CI-4 Plus. This product meets and/or exceeds the gasoline engine specification SL. In addition, PRO-SPEC® III meets and exceeds Mack EO-N Premium Plus 03, Cummins CES-20078, Volvo VDS-3, Global DHD-1 and ACEA E5/E3/B3/A3.

PRO-SPEC® III uses superior additives in even greater amounts because diesel engine designs expose engine oils to elevated amounts of contamination. Special compounds are needed to neutralize acids, plus suspend and disperse large amounts of soot. PRO-SPEC® III keeps soot and particulate matter suspended (in the form of smaller particles) to prevent wear to liners, rings and the valve train. Keeping these unwanted elements held in suspension allows them to be filtered out.

Some diesel engine designs place higher temperatures on the engine oil, which coupled with exhaust gases, could act as a catalyst for oxidation of the oil. An improperly functioning exhaust gas recirculation system can cause much more rapid deterioration of an engine oil. PROSPEC® III uses a beefed up oxidation inhibitor to counteract oxidation or sludging. Routine oil analysis & PRO-SPEC® III helps to allow longer drain intervals.


Reduces Oil Consumption

A great way to reduce cost is to reduce oil consumption and PRO-SPEC® III does this extremely well. While results will vary, typically by using PRO-SPEC® III, oil make up between drain intervals is greatly reduced, while drain intervals are dramatically extended. This combination, in actual field usage, shows oil consumption cut by as much as 60%. Naturally, individual results will vary with engine and operating conditions.


High TBN Level

PRO-SPEC® III is made with a 15 Plus total base number (TBN). This is extremely important since air is 60% nitrogen and some engines take in 16,000 gallons of air per minute. Acidic compounds can form because of all the Nitrogen; therefore, the ability of PRO-SPEC® III to control corrosion is a top priority. The extra protection from the high Total Base Number in PRO-SPEC® III provides exceptional protection to reduce ring and liner wear.


Improves Fuel Economy

It has been proven that a cleaner operating engine is a more fuel efficient engine. Reductions in varnish, gum and sludge in engines help an engine operate at peak efficiency. PRO-SPEC® III contains superior detergent/dispersant additives to provide high temperature cleanliness, control corrosive wear, help suspend soot and help to neutralize acids. The superior detergent/dispersant additive package of PRO-SPEC® III is a key reason extended drain intervals are possible along with improved fuel economy.