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Aerosol Crown & Chassis Grease

Originally developed for the crown of a drilling rig and truck chassis, Aerosol Crown & Chassis Grease has proven itself to be the backbone of the Texas Refinery Corp line of specialty lubricants. The “red grease with golden flakes” is a favorite nationwide . . . from industry to trucking. Aerosol Crown & Chassis Grease meets and exceeds the demands of a multi-purpose lubricant. This unmatched grease is available in a 50-state compliant easy-to-use aerosol.

Full product specs:


Extreme Pressure Grease – 100 lb. Timken OK Load

Aerosol Crown & Chassis Grease is excellent for use on ball joints and fifth wheels, which are constantly placed under heavy loads. With a Timken OK Load rating of 100 pounds minimum Aerosol Crown & Chassis Grease meets special lubrication needs, providing the ultimate in extreme pressure protection.


Reduces Grease Consumption

Perfect in places where a standard grade grease doesn’t cut it. Aerosol Crown & Chassis Grease is also an exceptional lubricant for use in the trenching, construction and industry, standing up to even the adverse conditions encountered with water pump bearings.


Very Water Resistant

Impervious to water, Aerosol Crown & Chassis Grease stays put. The special water-resistant qualities of Aerosol Crown & Chassis Grease keeps surfaces of marine-related equipment well lubricated, avoiding rusting, corroding and seizing.


Aerosol Crown & Chassis grease is 50-State Compliant, using CO2 propellant, and comes packaged with a 360-degree spray nozzle for convenient use.  Users love the versatility of having our famous “grease with the gold flakes” for those difficult-to-reach applications.