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RR-50 NF

RR-50 NF is an off-white, free flowing highly alkaline, powdered product. It is a combination of alkaline detergents, chelating agents, foam control agents, wetting agents and dispersants. RR-50 NF has a pH of 13.0 at use concentrations.

Full product specs:



RR-50 NF’s foam controlling agents and extra high strength alkalinity make it the product of choice for spray cabinet cleaning. It is especially effective where rust removal is a problem.
RR-50 NF rapidly removes grease, oil, dirt, sludge, loose carbon deposits, engine varnish, rust, engine enamels and paints from ferrous and certain non-ferrous metals. These characteristics make it a natural for automotive repair shops, oilfield equipment rebuilders and maintenance crews, machine shops, diesel shops, remanufacturers, compressor rebuilders, etc. (DO NOT use on aluminum, galvanized, brass, bronze, or Babbitt!)
RR-50 NF is also highly effective and an excellent compound for hot-soak vat operations.



1. Foam control agents make it ideal for spray cabinet cleaning and other procedures requiring foam free operation.
2. RR-50 NF contains ingredients necessary for fast, efficient removal of many types of soil including rust from all types of ferrous metal parts.
3. RR-50 NF contains additives to reduce dusting, maintain free flow and retard moisture retention.
4. Contains alkaline activated chelator to remove rust and help prevent flash re-rusting.
5. Contains dispersants to prevent soil fallout and redeposition of soil.
6. Multi-purpose and versatile. May be used in a number of different areas and in a number of different cleaning systems.
7. Has powerful saponifying and emulsifying properties.