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Moly XL Pro-Spec® III Synthetic Blend

MOLY XL PRO-SPEC® Synthetic Blend engine oils are a unique proprietary blend of base stocks. This blend allows for extended drain intervals, increased additive retention, and outstanding performance. Even under the most stressful situations the high TBN formulation stands above the rest of the industry. Designed for off-road engines prior to Tier IV engines and on-road diesels up to year 2007 models.

Full product specs:


The MOLY XL Package

MOLY XL PRO-SPEC® III is formulated with very special liquid molybdenum compounds that are completely oil soluble. There is no settling out of the moly compounds and neither are they filtered out. This unique moly chemistry greatly improves anti-wear and reduces friction on the ferrous metals, especially during cold cranking. You will find MOLY XL PROSPEC® III also offers protection during times of extreme pressure and many times offers better fuel economy.


Made With High Quality Base Stock

MOLY XL PRO-SPEC® III is a blend of synthetic oil, which incorporates the purest and finest severely hydrocracked and hydrofinished base stocks available. This unique combination of base stocks means MOLY XL PRO-SPEC® III SYNTHETIC BLEND provides improved oil flow for superior cold cranking protection. In addition, when high engine operating temperatures are encountered, this unique synthetic blend ensures a superior oil film of protection for vital moving engine parts.

The pure and highly refined base stocks of MOLY XL PRO-SPEC® III contribute to an oil with low oil volatility. Because of the base stock’s ability to resist oxidation during high heat operation you use less oil due to consumption and evaporation. This means longer service life for the oil, reduced oil consumption, yet better engine protection. MOLY PRO-SPEC® III SYNTHETIC BLEND’s base stock, along with an outstanding additive package, means no varnish, gum, or sludge build-up on internal engine parts. This leads to extended equipment life and reduced operating cost.


Counteracts Oxidation and Sludging

New engine designs subject the engine oil to higher temperatures which coupled with exhaust gases could act as a catalyst for oxidation of the oil. An improperly functioning exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system can cause much more rapid deterioration of an engine oil. MOLY XL PRO-SPEC® III with its beefed up oxidation inhibitor counteracts oxidation or sludging and routine oil analysis helps to allow longer drain intervals.


Reduces Friction and Minimizes Wear

The MOLY XL portion of the product reduces friction and minimizes wear at start-up and during operation. Many customers report cooler running engines. Some customers swear they get a boost in horsepower. By reducing friction, the available horsepower is converted to work instead of heat.


Contains A Total Base Number (TBN) Booster

MOLY XL PRO-SPEC® III contains numerous new generation additives including a Total Base Number (TBN) booster to help control the extra problems created by exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems in diesel engine designs. The TBN booster along with routine oil analysis helps MOLY XL PRO-SPEC® III extend drain intervals since there is a huge reserve of detergents and dispersants providing extra protection. In addition, superior detergents provide high temperature cleanliness, control corrosive wear, help suspend soot and neutralize acids.


Added Protection at Extreme Pressure

MOLY XL PRO-SPEC® III is formulated with extreme pressure protection. Better protection for engines under heavy loads means dramatic cost savings. Protection under extreme pressure means equipment life and reduced down time expense. MOLY XL PRO-SPEC® III provides the ultimate for your equipment and investment dollars.