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Quick-Dry Anti-Oxidene Coating

QUICK-DRY ANTI-OXIDENE COATING is a jet-black, easy to apply asphalt coating capable of withstanding the constant attack of rust and corrosion on metal. Tests have shown that QUICK-DRY ANTI-OXIDENE COATING is resistant to moisture, acid fumes, salt-air mist, and silage acid.
Originally developed to protect outdoor metal surfaces under normal conditions, QUICK-DRY ANTI-OXIDENE COATING is also recommended for use in coastal areas and industrial sites. QUICK-DRY ANTI-OXIDENE COATING requires no mixing, can be applied by brush or spray equipment, should not be diluted, and should not be used with paints that have a non-asphalt base, as they will not bond.

Full product specs:


Protects Against Rust

The special formulation in QUICK-DRY ANTI-OXIDENE COATING helps it to penetrate into corroded areas and limit further spreading. It is pliable enough to expand and contract without losing its protective bond. QUICK-DRY ANTI-OXIDENE COATING has superior adhesive capabilities, allowing it to bond with both metal and concrete. Metal surfaces are protected against rust and corrosion caused by moisture, many dilute acids, alkalies, salt water or spray, stack fumes and other pollutants. Concrete surfaces (either slab or block construction) are protected against deterioration from industrial fumes, salt, moisture, or other airborne pollutants.


Metal Surfaces

Before applying QUICK-DRY ANTI-OXIDENE COATING to a metal surface, use a wire brush or scraper to remove all scale, dirt, peeling paint, rust flakes and other loose material. Rusted areas do not need to be scraped down to bright metal, but they must be clean and dry. For new galvanized steel, clean it and then allow it to weather for three months before applying QUICK-DRY ANTI-OXIDENE COATING. The coverage rate on metal is roughly 300 square feet per one gallon of product. It is recommended that two coats be applied where corrosive conditions exist. Drying time on exterior surfaces is four hours.


Concrete Surfaces

Similarly to metal surfaces, concrete surfaces must be cleaned of loose scale or other material and dry. QUICK-DRY ANTI-OXIDENE is not to be applied over painted concrete surfaces. It is recommended to apply two coats of QUICK-DRY ANTI-OXIDENE COATING to all concrete surfaces. The first coat should be applied at a 100-200 square foot per gallon ratio and allowed to cure for four hours. The second coat then should be applied at a 200-300 square foot per gallon ratio and allowed to cure for 72 hours, depending on humidity levels. Once the product cures, it will turn a brownish-black color.



Typical metal applications of QUICK-DRY ANTI-OXIDENE COATING are metal storage sheds, metal roofs, trestles, bridges, girders, beams, and metal warehouses. Concrete abutments, interior of concrete sewer pipes, concrete and metal structures exposed to water, saltwater or sewage are other applications that could benefit from the coating. Other areas that are not as often thought of for QUICK-DRY ANTI-OXIDENE COATING are cast iron pipes and fittings, racks, oil derricks, water and chemical tanks and towers, prestressed concrete structures, construction and mining equipment, and mortar joints on block construction buildings. The uses are unlimited!