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ALL-PURPOSE PAVING SEAL is a black, ready-to-use asphalt emulsion that resists attack by water, oxygen and other chemical compounds. It is excellent for adding years of life to asphalt paving on parking lots of convenience stores . . . fast-food locations . . . strip shopping centers . . . driveways and sidewalks . . . roadway shoulders . . . almost anywhere there is a black-top surface.

Full product specs:


Protects Against Water and Weather

ALL-PURPOSE PAVING SEAL forms a protective barrier between asphalt pavement and rain, snow or frost. Alternate rain and sunlight exposure has a destructive effect on asphalt. These conditions ultimately penetrate and break down asphalt paving. Such damage to your expensive paving is accelerated in cold weather by freezing and thawing. Hair-line cracks soon appear; chuck-holes develop. ALL-PURPOSE PAVING SEAL helps prevent water penetration of the sealed surface, thus stopping frost damage in freezing weather. Adds years of life to your asphalt paving by preventing problems before they begin.


Easy To Use

ALL-PURPOSE PAVING SEAL is ready to use – easy to apply. Requires no thinning. Just stir or otherwise agitate it in the container until it reaches uniform consistency. It spreads easily. Needs no heating. Does not require topping aggregate. It’s easy to clean. Won’t get soft or sticky. No heavy equipment needed to apply it. No unsightly mess to clean up when the job is done.


Seals Open-Textured Pavements

A slurry composed of ALL-PURPOSE PAVING SEAL and clean, coarse sand is advisable for open-texture pavements and inclined surfaces. It fills voids in the subsurface. Gives better traction. Wears better. This slurry is prepared by mixing three to six pounds of sand with each gallon of PAVING SEAL. One gallon of slurry covers approximately six to seven square yards.


Protects New Black-Top Surfaces

Exposure to sun, rain, snow, frost and other natural elements causes new blacktop to age prematurely. Sealing with ALL-PURPOSE PAVING SEAL prevents problems before they occur. When new blacktop has fully cured (minimum three months) a protective coat of ALL-PURPOSE PAVING SEAL will extend its service life and save time and money later on.