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MULTILUBE XKE is a multi-function product to be added to virtually any petroleum lubricant. Motor oils, gear lubricants, hydraulic fluids and transmission fluids may be conditioned with MULTILUBE XKE to help maintain their film strength, and provide improved lubricity.

Full product specs:


Boosts Viscosity

MULTILUBE XKE has the ability to boost viscosity to help prevent metal to metal contact. This “shot in the arm” allows all bearings and other metal surfaces to receive vital extra protection. MULTILUBE XKE provides added life expectancy to the lubricant and to the parts. Just think, fewer breakdowns and fewer unnecessary expenses are possible with MULTILUBE XKE.
An important part of MULTILUBE XKE is a polymer so small you can only see it under a microscope. However, the polymer is a giant when it comes to performance. The polymer “coils up” in cold temperatures to allow the lubricant to flow quickly. In hot conditions the polymer “uncoils” to hinder the oil molecules more, causing less viscosity thinning. As you can see, with less thickening at low temperatures and less thinning at elevated temperatures the lubricant has more desirable characteristics.


For Engines, Transmissions, Gears & Hydraulics

For crankcase oils, use ratios of 2 1/2% up to 10% MULTILUBE XKE. In general, MULTILUBE XKE helps engines run cooler. MULTILUBE XKE can help control oil consumption, improve piston ring seal, improve combustion, and reduce blow-by. MULTILUBE XKE can help a hydraulic system by gently removing a deposit from a control valve to improve spongy performance. A gearbox could give better performance by running cooler with less friction and better lubrication to reduce wear.


Neutralizes Acids

Speaking of wear, MULTILUBE XKE helps combat wear caused by corrosion from acids created by burning fossil fuels. MULTILUBE XKE has a TBN boost to help neutralize harmful acids. This enrichment of the TBN is practically non-existent in competitive products in spite of some claims to the contrary.


Helps Clean

MULTILUBE XKE can provide help to eliminate troublesome deposits. For example, in a hydraulic system the mixing ratio of 1% to 5% MULTILUBE XKE can gently remove sludge deposits from a hydraulic system to improve sluggish performance. In a transmission or gear system a bearing could be cleaned to promote better lubrication of the bearing. MULTILUBE XKE can gently clean piston ring deposits to help an engine reduce oil consumption, reduce piston scuffing, and improve compression.


Helps Provide Extra Protection

It is always best to add MULTILUBE XKE to warm oil and to run the equipment immediately after putting MULTILUBE XKE in the oil. This will ensure the product is thoroughly mixed in the oil and MULTILUBE XKE has had a chance to coat all parts that come in contact with oil. Once a piece of equipment has been thoroughly coated with MULTILUBE XKE, it is possible to go through extended idle periods without moisture and rust problems due to the increased ability of the oil to stay in contact with the metal parts for longer periods of time. If you discover additional MULTILUBE XKE is needed, for whatever reason, it can be added to warm oil as long as you do not exceed a total of 10% in crank case oils or a total of 5% in transmission, gear or hydraulic systems.