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QUADRA-KLEAN is a liquid synthetic detergent concentrate designed for multipurpose application. It cleans practically any surface – – from glass to greasy parts. It is highly alkaline for chemical “bite” to effectively remove the toughest dirts, grimes, oils and greases.

Full product specs:



QUADRA-KLEAN is highly concentrated, permitting up to 50% reduction in amount used compared to ordinary cleaners. It is uniform and stable. Stays fresh. Doesn’t thicken. Its broad range of usefulness cuts down cleaning inventory investment.


Powerful - Versatile

QUADRA-KLEAN is a powerful “giant” which handles all industrial cleaning needs. It is chemically engineered to remove stubborn soil from most types of surfaces – – industrial equipment, floors, walls, and painted surfaces. Effective in steam cleaners. Great for degreasing truck and car motors and greasy floors.


Easy To Use

Simply mix QUADRA-KLEAN with hot or cold water and the solution is easy to apply with mop, cloth, brush or spray. Mix QUADRA-KLEAN with a solvent to remove the toughest grime, such as deposits of oil and grease from concrete floors or industrial equipment.



Chemically engineered QUADRAKLEAN has a light synthetic odor – stays fresh. It is BIODEGRADABLE – a highly important feature where public water supplies are concerned. Many local governments require cleaners used by industries to be biodegradable. This feature helps eliminate FOAMING PROBLEMS in sewage treatment plants. Harmless to fish and wildlife.