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COTTON PICKER WATER TANK OIL is an amber colored oil originally designed for use in the water tanks on mechanical cotton pickers. The excellent quality oils have had emulsifiers added to ensure their ability to mix with water.

Full product specs:


A Cleaning Solution And Lubricant

COTTON PICKER WATER TANK OIL mixes exceptionally well with water. By staying mixed it provides the needed lubrication for moistener pads to wash the spindles clean. The importance of clean cotton, graded at the gin, cannot be overemphasized. COTTON PICKER WATER TANK OIL provides a lubricant as well as a cleaning solution for the spindles.


Stays Mixed

The ability of COTTON PICKER WATER TANK OIL to stay mixed in water without separating is highly important. Staying in solution with the water makes sure the spindles are flushed clean without rinsing. Some competitive oils separate in the water tank, plugging outlets, and causing the pads and spindles to run dry. This leaves the cotton dirty, which in turns grades at a lower rate, negatively effecting the return on the cotton. This can prove costly to the cotton grower.


Effective At A 1 To 50 Ratio

In most cotton picker equipment two percent (1 gal. to 50 gal. water) of the volume of water should be COTTON PICKER WATER TANK OIL. This general recommendation seems to be effective; however, the equipment manufacturer’s specifications should be followed. Fill the tank half full of water, add the COTTON PICKER WATER TANK OIL, then finish filling the tank with water, stirring thoroughly to ensure complete mixing.


As An Economical Release Agent

There are many other uses for COTTON PICKER WATER TANK OIL. One of these, in areas where it is permitted, is a release agent for the beds of trucks hauling bituminous hot mix. A ratio of one gallon COTTON PICKER WATER TANK OIL to fifty gallons of water makes a great mixture to spray on the dump truck body. The average dump truck only needs three-fourths of a gallon of treatment. Compare the cost of that treatment with the cost of diesel fuel or some of the other things used as release agents and you will see real savings.


For Chain Lubrication

Many people have found that a 1:5 or 1:10 ration of COTTON PICKER WATER TANK OIL can make a superb chain lubricant. This mixture has the best results in areas where heat is a concern. With the oil diluted into water the fire point of the overall lubricant increases over a straight petroleum chain lubricant.


Is Versatile

Customers dealing with asphalt have found another use for COTTON PICKER WATER TANK OIL. Rollers that are part of the system in the asphalt batch plant have traditionally used diesel fuel through a drip system to lubricate the rollers and prevent clumping or sticking of the asphalt. Unfortunately, the use of diesel fuel has been found to soften the asphalt and possibly cause chuck holes to appear later, not to mention is frowned upon by the EPA. Customers have found the use of COTTON PICKER WATER TANK OIL at a ratio of 1 part oil to 50 parts water is an excellent release agent, keeping the roller free of asphalt. In addition, it prevents rust from appearing in the storage tank.