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Food processing plants, and plants associated with food processing, are running at a faster pace than ever before. Whether it is a meat processing plant, a water bottler, dairy operation or any other plant in the food and beverage industry, production requirements are putting more stress on the machines to operate efficiently. Texas Refinery Corp’s H-1 SPECIAL UNIVERSAL LUBRICANT meets these demanding requirements, while meeting the food safety standards

Full product specs:


NSF Registered H-1

Texas Refinery Corp’s H-1 SPECIAL UNIVERSAL LUBRICANT meets the special needs of the food and beverage industry. This product is NSF Registered (H1) and may be used in applications where incidental food contact is possible. H-1 SPECIAL UNIVERSAL LUBRICANT complies with FDA guidelines for food contact listed in CFR Title 21 Part 178, Section 178.3670.


Superior Anti-Wear Protection

There is a challenge in formulating lubrication products for the food processing industry . . . to meet food-grade requirements, while also meeting the needs to adequately protect the food processing equipment. Texas Refinery Corp’s H-1 SPECIAL UNIVERSAL LUBRICANT meets this challenge and provides superior anti-wear protection.

The oils used in today’s hydraulic systems are subjected to high pressures and this pressure can create conditions where an inferior lubricant does not provide adequate protection and wear can be accelerated. TRC’s H-1 SPECIAL UNIVERSAL LUBRICANT contains special anti-wear additives and provides necessary protection to reduce wear and keep the equipment operating efficiently.


Excellent Oxidation Stability

Oxidation is the chemical combination of a substance with oxygen. All petroleum products are subject to oxidation, with the result being a degradation of their composition and performance. The process is accelerated by heat, light, metal catalysts and the presence of water, acids and solid contaminants.

The resistance to oxidation of a lubricant is an important quality. Insoluble oil and sludge resulting from oil oxidation can interfere with the performance of moving parts. Varnish and sludge can plug lines, screens and filters and prevent equipment from operating efficiently. Excellent anti-oxidants have been incorporated in this product to provide long service life. It has been tested to provide oxidation stability for 6,000+ hours in the ASTM D943 Oxidation Stability Test.


Outstanding Rust Protection

In the food industry, machines are washed down regularly to keep the surface free from dirt and contaminants. Even under the most favorable conditions, it is often difficult to keep the lubrication systems free of water. Rust is a possibility and a potential problem. If rust forms in a system, it can score surfaces, plug passages and damage valves and bearings. TRC’s H-1 SPECIAL UNIVERSAL LUBRICANT contains special rust inhibitors to provide extra protection against the destructive effects of water. The chemistry of the product also provides very good water separation.


Resists Foaming

Water contamination, among other things, causes foaming of a lubricant. This problem can increase when increased temperatures are encountered. Also, air entrapped in the system can cause a foaming problem. Since water and air entrapment cannot be eliminated from a system, TRC’s H-1 SPECIAL UNIVERSAL LUBRICANT is important. It meets the requirements of quickly releasing any air or water that is causing foam in a system.



H-1 SPECIAL UNIVERSAL LUBRICANT is a very universal oil for the food and beverage industry. Here are some examples where H-1 SPECIAL UNIVERSAL LUBRICANT can be used, but there are many, many more applications.

Canned, Preserved & Frozen Fruits & Vegetables – – Oiled Bearings in Peelers, Pitters, and Snippers, Baggers/Sealers, Can and Jar Fillers and Conveyors. Hydraulics in Presses, Pasteurizers, and Palletizers. Grain Mill Products – – Oiled Bearings in Pellet Mills, Packaging Fillers, Baggers and Closures, Conveyors, Sifters, etc. Hydraulics in the Extruders and Dough Mixers. Meat and Poultry Industry – – Hydraulics in Can Washers, Fillers, Label Machines, Packing and Wrapping Machines. Oiled Bearings in Conveyors, Grinders and Mincers, Meat Saws, Skinners, etc. As a release agent, anti-rust film on equipment or machine parts in which there is possible exposure of the lubricated parts to edible products. As an anti-rust film, the product must be removed by washing or wiping so as not to transfer product to food being processed.