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The MIGHTYPLY® ROOFING SYSTEM combines the strength, durability and puncture-resistance of a reinforced polyester membrane with the safety, weather resistance and flexibility of MIGHTYPLATE ROOF COATINGS. The result is a roofing system that provides long-lasting, economical roof protection. For cap sheeting over existing roofs. For new roof construction.

Full product specs:


Compatible With Mightyplate Roof Coatings

It is MIGHTYPLY®‘s combination with MIGHTYPLATE ROOF COATINGS that makes the system unique and provides it many advantages over conventional systems. MIGHTYPLATE is a cold-process coating engineered to rigid, exacting specifications that meet high quality control standards.


Strong and Durable

MIGHTYPLY® ROOFING MEMBRANE is composed of a tough polyester core uniformly coated on both sides with water-proofing asphalt. It is 50 mils thick and much stronger than conventional organic roofing felts. In addition, MIGHTYPLY® has great elongation capabilities,tensile strength and durability which enables it to resist splits and tears.


Superior Flexibility

MIGHTYPLY® offers superior flexibility to withstand temperature extremes. Oxidation from exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can quickly make most roofs hard and brittle. The MIGHTYPLY® Cap-Sheet System does not become brittle. It resists oxidation because of specially processed asphalts which enables it to remain pliable and flexible to follow the expansion, contraction, and natural movement of the roof.


Optional Surfacings

MIGHTYPLY® Cap Sheet Systems are covered by a limited warranty. The warranty can be extended by adding a top coat of protection, either ALUMINUM ROOF COATING or CERAMIC ROOFING GRANULES. ALUMINUM ROOF COATING adds protection by reflecting up to 80% of the sun’s destructive rays. This provides economical insulation by substantially reducing roof temperatures and thermal shock. CERAMIC ROOFING GRANULES are a white mineral surfacing. This material is a tough, dense, granule which resists weathering indefinitely.


Saves Labor Time and Money

Application of MIGHTYPLY® requires no heating and no special equipment. It is easy to work with, convenient to handle, lays down flat and doesn’t slide in the coating. The rolls are clearly marked to assure proper overlaps are obtained. MIGHTYPLY®‘s ease of application cuts labor time and greatly reduces application costs. With MIGHTYPLY®, most of your investment remains on your roof, not in expensive labor.