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Texas Refinery Corp’s 890 VARI-PURPOSE® is truly one of the finest gear oils obtainable. Through extensive research, an advanced base was selected to provide lasting and superior performance under the toughtest conditions. 890 VARI-PURPOSE® can be used where even some of the more expensive, high-additive gear oils have given unsatisfactory service. 890 VARI-PURPOSE® is formulated using superior additives that offer wear protection even under heavy loads or shock loads.

Full product specs:


The Basis Of The Quality

890 VARI-PURPOSE® is formulated with top quality base stocks which are highly refined to remove any undesirable materials, such as waxes and varnishes, that could be detrimental to a gear system. This adds to the protective film strength of 890 VARI-PURPOSE® – – which is outstanding.
890 VARI-PURPOSE® is very adhesive, meaning it will cling tenaciously to the gears, providing continuous lubrication, even in the presence of moisture. The cohesive property of 890 VARI-PURPOSE® is also important . . . the product will withstand extreme pressure operating conditions.


Provides Low Non-Channeling Point

Base stocks that are not as highly refined as those Texas Refinery Corp. uses can cause problems in colder temperatures. Gear oils with those base stocks can become so thick in cold weather that the oil loses its fluidity . . . gears begin to run dry and metal-to-metal contact occurs. The high quality base stocks used in 890 VARI-PURPOSE® assure a low non-channeling point. Operators will not experience a dry start-up and shifting will be much easier.


Color Coded

Equipment operators receive several advantages by Texas Refinery Corp. color-coding 890 VARI-PURPOSE® a bright red. The chance of a wrong oil being used can be virtually eliminated,a leak can easily be traced, and 890’s color is a “life” indicator. When the color changes from a red to a dark color, it is usually an indication that it is time to change the oil.



Many conventional gear lubricants on the market may begin to foam during operation, causing extensive problems. First, if foam is present, the level of the gear oil drops and proper lubrication is not achieved. Second, foaming will increase the temperature in the gear box considerably. Special foam inhibitors are incorporated into 890 VARI-PURPOSE® to ensure dependable protection. In most instances, the temperature in a gear box can actually be lowered with the use of 890 VARI-PURPOSE®.


Water Resistant

Moisture contamination in a gear box can be detrimental, causing rust on the metal surfaces which will produce friction and excessive wear. Moisture present can be caused by condensation. 890 VARI-PURPOSE® greatly exceeds most gear oils in water resistancy. A superb additive package does not allow 890 VARI-PURPOSE® to emulsify with water . . . it actually “breaks away” from water, allowing the moisture to be drained from the gear box as needed – – adding protection against rust and corrosion!


Contains Cushioning Additives

890 VARI-PURPOSE® contains a cushioning additive, which is particularly valuable when using heavily loaded equipment. Highly stable additives, along with stable base stocks used in 890 VARI-PURPOSE®, make this the most economical oil to use in heavy duty operations. The cushioning additive in 890 VARI-PURPOSE® also helps to eliminate the rumble and howl experienced by equipment.