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Heat Transfer Oil

Texas Refinery Corp’s HEAT TRANSFER OIL is an amber colored oil. It is a paraffin base oil of 95 viscosity index. The oil has a high boiling point as well as the ability to transfer heat without a great amount of heat loss.

Full product specs:


Contains Quality Base Oils

The base oils used in HEAT TRANSFER OIL have been put through special refining steps to improve many of their exceptional characteristics. The oils are put through a solvent refining process to remove undesirable characteristics that might lead to sludge or gum build-up under heat. Then the oils go through a hydro-treating process which further improves the oil’s resistance to oxidation. This step also improves the oil’s response to superior quality additives used by Texas Refinery Corp. The oil also goes through a dewaxing process to make it suitable for this application.


For Closed, Cold-Oil-Sealed Systems

HEAT TRANSFER OIL is designed to transfer heat at an acceptable rate. Asphalt plants are just one of the many types of companies that can benefit from the use of this product.

In an asphalt “hot oil heater,” circulating oil is pumped through a closely-wound, spiraling coil to form the unit’s primary heat exchange surface area.

The combustion gases travel the full length of the heater coils and return around the outside perimeter of the baffle before exiting into the stack. The oil is then circulated in a closed system to the process area requiring heat. The surge tank contains reserve oil and it also acts as a cold seal as well as a reservoir for heated oil expansion.


Resists Oxidation

HEAT TRANSFER OIL contains outstanding oxidation inhibitors. In addition to the special refining, very expensive oxidation inhibitors are used to give this product longer life. In addition to its ability to transfer heat correctly, its biggest selling point is the fact that it resists oxidation longer than most products.


Prevents Metal Corrosion

Oils, especially under heat, will attack metals such as copper, brass or bronze. The oils used by Texas Refinery Corp are less likely to attack these yellow metals than most other products on the market, but special metal pacifiers have been added just in case. The metal pacifiers prevent any chemical reaction between the hot oil and the yellow metals. This in turn prevents corrosive attack to the metals and any sludging of the oil.


Wide Operating Temperature Range

HEAT TRANSFER OIL is a high VI paraffin oil. It is safe to use up to 520°F. in a closed system and where minimum shutdown temperatures are not below 20°F. With its higher specific heat and thermal conductivity at all temperatures, it provides more rapid heating and greater flexibility in a system. It can be used with great efficiency where high heat transfer rates or high flow rates at reasonably low temperatures are desired.


Is Versatile

Businesses that have need for this type of oil include, but are not limited to, heat-treating companies, textile operations, carpet industries, asphalt companies and a wide variety of other companies that use an oil capable of withstanding high heat and resisting oxidation.