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Pro-Tac IV Excel

PRO-TAC IV Excel is designed to run longer, perform better, and extend the life of equipment. This begins with the superior base oils used to build this product, and is completed with an industry best additive package. A lubricant is only as good as the parts used in its design, and TRC uses the best products available in the industry today.

Full product specs:


Exceeds TO-4 & C-4

Caterpillar and Allison have both set standards for these types of products, becoming guidelines for the cross reference of acceptable fluids. PRO-TAC IV Excel exceeds the specifications established by these manufacturers, setting a standard for fluid life and protection.


Excellent Cold Weather Operability

Texas Refinery Corp.’s PRO-TAC IV Excel offers excellent low temperature fluidity. PRO-TAC IV Excel’s ability to flow well in colder temperatures helps to assure that vital components are protected and will not experience increased wear, especially during cold weather start up.


Eliminates Common Problems

Equipment is run in a variety of environments and by a variety of operators. Foaming, heat, seal deterioration, and wear are common to units using TO-4 fluids. Often run for extended periods of time or over greater distances than originally recommended, PRO-TAC IV Excel provides the added protection designed for the added work these units experience.


Designed for Extended Drain Intervals

With industry experts touting the advantages of extended drain intervals, we encourage equipment owners to use products designed to accomplish this feat. Not all products contain adequate additive packages or begin with the quality base oils necessary to establish effective, safe, and cost efficient extended drain intervals. PRO-TAC IV Excel was designed with this purpose in mind.


Tackifiers for Superior Gear Protection

A truly unique characteristic of PRO-TAC IV Excel is the addition of tackifiers. This additional additive helps to maintain superior protection to gear components. By maintaining a film of protection, wear is reduced dramatically. In addition, as wear is reduced the oxidation process is slowed and the product performs more effectively for a longer period.