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Pourable Crack Filler

POURABLE CRACK FILLER is a chemically modified rubberized asphalt emulsion manufactured exclusively for the purpose of repairing small cracks in outside asphalt and concrete paving. It remains pliable and expands and contracts with temperature changes.

Full product specs:


Extends The Life Of Blacktop Surfaces

Asphalt blacktop surfaces are under constant abuse not only by vehicular traffic but by the forces of nature as well. Untreated cracks lead to the total deterioration of expensive asphalt surfaces. Sealing cracks in blacktop surfaces helps extend the useful life of the surface. It makes good financial sense to maintain rather than to replace!


Quick And Easy To Use

POURABLE CRACK FILLER comes ready to use straight from the container. Pour the Crack Filler into the crack, overfilling slightly. The POURABLE CRACK FILLER forms a surface skin within minutes after application. After about 24 hours, the cracks that have been filled are ready for traffic or the area can be coated with Paving Seal.


Remains Pliable And Elastic

Asphalt blacktop surfaces contract and expand with temperature changes. CRACK FILLER remains pliable and elastic even during severe freeze/thaw cycles. It adheres tightly to the walls of the crack to withstand contraction and expansion.


Seals Out Damaging Moisture

Cracks in a blacktop surface provide easy access for water to reach the sub-base beneath the blacktop surface. Eventually, water weakens this sub-base. With no support beneath it, the weakened blacktop surface simply collapses. The end result is a pothole. Through continued use, this weakened area continues to break up and deteriorate. POURABLE CRACK FILLER helps stop problems before they begin by sealing out damaging moisture.


Environmentally Friendly

CRACK FILLER is a single component, chemically modified rubberized asphalt emulsion. It’s safe when used as directed and releases no solvents into the atmosphere.