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ALUMINUM KILN SEAL is an asphalt based material which provides a tough, heat-holding film over masonry, metal or wood dry kilns, preventing the deterioration of these surfaces. ALUMINUM KILN SEAL contains a superior grade of specially processed asphalt and high grade aluminum flakes that provide extra long service life.

Full product specs:


Controls Heat & Moisture

Lumber is processed in dry kilns to remove excess moisture. High heat is used for this process. Temperatures in the dry kiln average 176 – 185 Fahrenheit. The vapor pressure of water at this temperature is 7.5 lbs./inch². The difference in pressure between the inside and outside of the dry kiln causes heat and moisture to squeeze through the walls, doors, etc. ALUMINUM KILN SEAL provides a rugged barrier helping to control heat and moisture loss within the dry kiln.


Protects Dry Kilns

Heated air laden with moisture rises to the ceilings in dry kilns. KILN SEAL retards this moisture from penetrating the ceiling, walls and decking of dry kilns. By minimizing decay and rot in wood roofs and decking, KILN SEAL substantially reduces expensive structural repairs or replacements. Proper application of KILN SEAL is beneficial in helping keep dry kilns operating efficiently and continuously.


Lowers Fuel Costs

KILN SEAL forms an air-resistant, moisture and waterproof barrier. Controls outside air from coming through and retards moisture and heat from escaping. Steady heat is maintained, affecting savings in fuel costs.


Reduces Wood Curing Time

Heat and moisture ratios within the dry kilns are more easily and effectively controlled with ALUMINUM KILN SEAL. With a steady temperature maintained, lumber is cured more rapidly, steadily and efficiently.


Easy To Apply

ALUMINUM KILN SEAL is ready to apply as it comes from the pail. No thinning required. The high content of the pure aluminum pigment will settle during shipment but is easily stirred back into suspension before application with brush, roller or spray. Apply only to interior walls, decking and ceiling surfaces. ALUMINUM KILN SEAL should not be applied to fans, fan blades, thermostats or other mechanical operating parts. It is not recommended for use in brick or tile processing kilns.