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UTF Red Plus

UTF Red Plus

UTF RED PLUS is a top tier product that meets and exceeds a large number of equipment specifications as noted on the back of the brochure. In addition to all the mobile equipment, UTF RED PLUS finds uses in the industrial market as well. There is no shortage of leaking hydraulic systems that could use UTF RED PLUS.


One Product VS. Two Convenience

Texas Refinery Corp (TRC) builds a variety of products for hydraulic and torque converter applications. The product called UTF RED PLUS takes the extremely popular UTF RED and adds SEAL SAVER PLUS to slow or stop pesky leaks. The one product versus two approach is extremely convenient for you.


Slows/Stops Leaks

UTF RED PLUS helps slow or stop leaks which means air, dirt and moisture are also kept out of the system. Oil consumption goes down and so does contamination when you use UTF RED PLUS. The benefits of UTF RED PLUS are numerous – – – including the ability to rejuvenate, preserve and extend the life of vital seals.


Protects Gearing Systems

UTF RED PLUS protects gearing systems on tractors where one fluid handles hydraulics, transmission, brakes, gears, power take off (PTO) and much more. UTF RED PLUS provides wear protection, prevents brake chatter, prevents oxidation, has a high water tolerance and it is suitable for year round use in hot and cold temperatures.