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Mightyplate Modified Bitumen Primer

MIGHTYPLATE Modified Bitumen Primer is a fast drying asphalt primer. It is specially formulated for use in conjunction with MIGHTYPLATE APP Modified Bitumen Roofing Membrane where existing surfaces lack adequate asphalt. It enhances adhesion and bonding by providing a firm and clean asphaltic surface for the MIGHTYPLATE Modified Bitumen Membrane.

Full product specs:


Clean Asphalt Base

MIGHTYPLATE Modified Bitumen Primer is ideal for concrete roof decks, masonry parapet walls, metal flashings, and where aged existing asphalt roofing surfaces have become dry and brittle. It furnishes a good base to receive MIGHTYPLATE Modified Bitumen Roofing Membrane.
It is ideally suited for “asphalt and gravel” roofs after all gravel has been spudded away and surface has been swept or air-blown clean of dust. MIGHTYPLATE MODIFIED BITUMEN PRIMER provides the dust-free surface vital for proper bonding to MIGHTYPLATE MODIFIED BITUMEN ROOFING MEMBRANE.


Enhances Adhesion

MIGHTYPLATE MODIFIED BITUMEN PRIMER enhances adhesion of the roofing membrane to the roof substrate. This Product is not required where substrates provide adequate asphalt surfacing.
On asphalt surfaces where there might be questionable bonding (for example where there has been local ponding water) a simple test can be made to determine the need for MIGHTYPLATE MODIFIED BITUMEN PRIMER. Pass an application torch across the surface. If asphalt comes to the surface, it is adequate for application without using MIGHTYPLATE MODIFIED BITUMEN PRIMER.


Easy To Apply

Applied just as it comes from the container. No mixing, thinning or stirring is required. Application is quick and easy. Methods include brush, roller or spray. Airless spray application through a ¾ gallon per minute sprayer is adequate.
Typically ¾ to 1 gallon per 100 square feet.


Fast Drying

Allow to cure until all solvents are dissipated. MIGHTYPLATE MODIFIED BITUMEN PRIMER must be cured prior to the application of MIGHTYPLATE MODIFIED ROOFING MEMBRANE due to fire hazards associated with torching uncured Primer. A minimum of three days curing time is recommended.