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Texas Refinery Corp’s 790 SURE UNIVERSAL GEAR LUBRICANT is formulated to meet the stringent requirements of today’s over and off the road equipment. The efficiency and life of these units are dependent upon proper lubrication and mechanical design. The importance of the proper lubricant is critical considering the greater bearing and tooth pressures and high speeds of today’s vehicles in over the road operations. 790 SURE UNIVERSAL can be depended upon in these critical situations!

Full product specs:


Begins And Ends With Quality

Quality is the first and last ingredient to go in 790 SURE UNIVERSAL. Only “95 VI paraffin base oils” are used. These neutral oils are very resistant to temperature changes . . . this means 790 SURE UNIVERSAL will not thin out when temperatures increase, or thicken up when temperatures drop. The neutral oils are so highly refined they are within two percent of having all impurities removed, and will not contribute to the formation of sludge, varnish, and other undesirable by-products, as many other bases will. Additive packages are incorporated with these neutral oils to build a superior gear oil . . . 790 SURE UNIVERSAL!


Take The Heat

Today’s vehicles place enormous demands on lubricants. Some of the new aerodynamic equipment reduces air resistance, but at the same time reduces air flow used for cooling. Certain conditions can increase the transmission temperatures significantly. Such conditions might include high ambient temperatures, heavy loads, and extended slow speed travel. Fortunately, 790 SURE UNIVERSAL can protect components at temperatures up to 100°F higher (for short durations) than ordinary gear lubricants. This product has excellent thermal stability for extended oil service life and reduced component wear.


Extends Seal Life

790 SURE UNIVERSAL is able to perform at high temperatures and still be compatible with seals. It prevents deposits on and around the seals. In addition, the product is chemically compatible with seal materials. A relationship is evident between the severity of seal deposits and premature leakage. Tests indicate temperatures around the seal area can run 30 to 50° F in excess of sump temperatures. Deposits around the seal can cause elastomer losses which result in premature leakage. 790 SURE UNIVERSAL actually extends the life of seals under heated conditions.


Extreme Pressure Additives

Extreme pressure additives provide the load carrying properties of a gear oil. 790 SURE UNIVERSAL incorporates some of the best extreme pressure additives available. A full 70 Timken OK Load test for 790 SURE UNIVERSAL 80W/90 and a full 75 Timken OK for 790 SURE UNIVERSAL 85W/140 is typical. When extreme pressures are incurred, 790 SURE UNIVERSAL will provide ultimate protection against wear that may occur on gears. If wear can be kept minimal, operation costs can be drastically reduced. 790 SURE UNIVERSAL will consistently out-perform other GL-5 gear lubricants by providing greater gear surface fatigue (spalling) resistance. In addition, wear metals (iron) will show up far less in lab analysis with 790 SURE UNIVERSAL.


Controls Deposits - - Even Under Heat

790 SURE UNIVERSAL contains new additive technology that prevents sludge and gum deposits even when the oil is subjected to sustained high temperature service. This extra measure of oxidation stability reduces component wear as well as extends the oil service life. The new additive technology is necessary because some transmissions and final drives currently have operating temperatures from 280° F up to 320° F for short durations. This has created transmission synchronizer coking that has caused difficulty in gear changing. By eliminating the deposits, the shifting problems are eliminated as well. In addition, oil flow to gears and bearings is not obstructed by deposits in oil passageways or filters.


For Rockwell, Limited Slip, and Mack GO-H As Well As API MT-1

790 SURE UNIVERSAL provides superior performance in many areas. 790 SURE UNIVERSAL is the product of choice for Rockwell differentials. The new additive system also helps eliminate chatter in limited slip differentials like Track-Loc, Sure-Grip, Traction-Lok, Twin-Grip, and others. It also meets the Mack GO-J specifications as well as API MT-1.