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Nu-Floor Flex Joint

NU-FLOOR FLEX-JOINT is a two-component modified polymer containing both urethane and epoxy resins. It provides a resilient filler for expansion joints. It possesses high tensile strength and impressive flexibility. It provides a tenacious, long-lasting, trouble-free repair.

Full product specs:


Excellent Flex - Won't Crack

NU-FLOOR FLEX-JOINT has a tremendous expansion and contraction factor, up to 50% elongation. It remains flexible from -40°F. to 200°F.


Good Abrasion Resistance And Tensile Strength

NU-FLOOR FLEX-JOINT is strong and durable. Typical tensile strength tests measure 3,289 pounds per inch. Abrasion resistance is consistently high.


100% Solids - No Fumes

NU-FLOOR FLEX-JOINT contains 100% urethane and epoxy solids. No toxic fumes are emitted during mixing and application. Efficient joint sealing and protection is assured.


Non-Flammable And Safe

NU-FLOOR FLEX-JOINT has no volatile organic content. It is non-flammable and carries no special hazards during mixing, application or cure.


Easy To Use

Simply mix the two components and then pour slowly into the joint after proper preparation. Allow 24 hours curing time before opening to traffic. No special application tools are required.