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INDUSTRIAL GEAR LUBRICANTS are specially formulated for lubrication of enclosed industrial gears requiring US Steel 224 and AGMA 250.04, AGMA 251.02 or AGMA 9005-D94 type lubricants. This product also lubricates slide and way systems, and other machine tools requiring a general purpose oil.

Full product specs:


Quality Base Oils

Texas Refinery Corp’s INDUSTRIAL GEAR LUBRICANTS are made from the finest top-quality base stocks available. The paraffin base stocks go through special refining steps to greatly improve their performance and to improve their responses to the superior quality additives used by Texas Refinery Corp.


Contains New Generation Additives

A variety of additives are incorporated in the Texas Refinery Corp. INDUSTRIAL GEAR LUBRICANTS. Anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, extreme pressure, and anti-foam agents are all important. However, extra anti-foam agents are used in Texas Refinery Corp’s INDUSTRIAL GEAR LUBRICANTS because many conventional gear lubes may begin to foam during operation, causing extensive damage.

Extreme pressure additives are contained in Texas Refinery Corp’s INDUSTRIAL GEAR LUBRICANTS to protect gear teeth from wear. The sulfur phosphorous chemistry can carry big loads while preventing metal to metal contact. This helps to cut down on heat build-up, wear, downtime, and the number of oil changes needed for your operation. INDUSTRIAL GEAR LUBRICANTS pass a full 70 pound Timken OK Load Test. This is much higher than commercial products which normally only pass  a 25 to 30 pound Timken OK Load Test.


Superior Performance

Texas Refinery Corp’s INDUSTRIAL GEAR LUBRICANTS excel in several areas because of space age additives in addition to quality base oils. The areas of superior performance include: increased thermal stability and component cleanliness, superior corrosion protection for copper alloys, greater gear surface fatigue (spalling) resistance, and excellent oil seal compatibility.


Increased Stability

The new additive significantly increases thermal stability (ability to resist chemical break-down at high temperatures) of the lubricant which in turn provides exceptional component cleanliness under high temperature applications. While most gear lubricants will attack copper alloys if the temperature soars above 230°F, Texas Refinery Corp’s INDUSTRIAL GEAR LUBRICANTS provide uncommon protection at temperatures up to 330°F (for short durations).


Less Wear

The new additive technology usually translates into longer component life, increased oil life, fewer deposits, better chemical compatibility with seal materials, and extended life of seals under heated conditions. In addition, wear metals (iron) will show up far less in lab analysis with Texas Refinery Corp’s INDUSTRIAL GEAR LUBRICANTS.


Meets or Exceeds US Steel 224 and AGMA 250.04, AGMA 251.02 or AGMA 9005-D94

INDUSTRIAL GEAR LUBRICANTS meet and exceed the following specifications and manufacturer requirements: US Steel 224, AGMA 250.04, AGMA 251.02, or AGMA 9005-D94, David Brown ET-19, Cincinnati Machine P-63 (ISO 68), P-76 (ISO 100), P-77 (ISO 150), P-74 (ISO 220), P-59 (ISO 320), P-35 (ISO 460), P-34 (ISO 680), DIN-51517, MIL-L-6086C, MIL-L-46017, GL-2 for worm gear sets unless compounded oils are specified, GL-3 for spiral bevel gears under mild to moderate conditions of speed and load, GL-4 for spiral bevel gears under moderate to severe conditions of speed and load.
Do not use INDUSTRIAL GEAR LUBRICANT in hypoid gear sets, API GL-5, MIL-L-2105 applications found in automotive, trucking, and heavy mobile equipment differentials.

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