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Sure Lube Drip Oil

Specifically designed for deep well irrigation pumps where lubrication is a major concern for line shaft bearings. In such systems, lubrication is provided by a steady drip of oil down the shaft. SURE LUBE DRIP OIL, unlike most irrigation lubricants, helps reduce wear and reduces excess lubrication consumption, while protecting the key component of your irrigation system – – your turbine irrigation pump.

Full product specs:


Maintains Viscosity

SURE LUBE DRIP OIL, unlike most common irrigation drip oils, does not thin when temperatures increase during the day and does not thicken when temperatures drop at night. This means SURE LUBE DRIP OIL is the product of choice when temperature extremes are expected. By maintaining a steady viscosity under all temperature extremes, SURE LUBE DRIP OIL helps eliminate and reduce the need for cost of monitoring and adjustment of your irrigation drip system. Further, with a constant viscosity in weather extremes drip oil waste and contamination of water tables is reduced, if not eliminated. Customers have been able to reduce their drip oil consumption, in some cases, by two-thirds when using SURE LUBE DRIP OIL.


Improved Pump Life

The number one factor for turbine irrigation failure is inadequate drip oiling. TRC eliminates this problem with its uniquely formulated product. By reducing or eliminating varnishes and gums, oil passages are kept clean and flowing freely. The result is that valuable turbine irrigation pumps are properly lubricated and not subject to the number one problem affecting pumps – – inadequate lubrication.


Clean Oil

TRC doesn’t take your drip lube needs lightly and neither should you. That is why TRC uses the finest base oils and additives and all must pass rigorous quality control requirements. And, it doesn’t stop there. TRC sets the standards by doing something not done by anyone else. In the packaging process, SURE LUBE DRIP OIL is filtered through a 10 micron filter. This means it is the cleanest product in the industry, which provides you with added assurance.


Reduce Your Drip Oil Consumption

Ever go by your well on a cold morning and your drip oil has stopped dripping? Or, stop by late in the afternoon and the drip has gained speed to a fast flow?

Texas Refinery’s SURE LUBE DRIP OIL is different than other products on the market. This oil maintains its viscosity, which reduces your headaches during a season when there aren’t enough hours in the day. SURE LUBE DRIP OIL maintains the rate you set, and our customers reduce their oil consumption significantly. Some of our best customers say they used 3 times more of the competitive oil as compared to SURE LUBE DRIP OIL.


Typical Usage

Four hundred foot deep wells – – set to drip at 1 drop every 6 seconds, or 10 drops per minute. Let the oil run for about 2 minutes before cranking. Rule of Thumb – – add 5 more drops per minute per 100 feet of well. For example: a 600 foot deep well would be 20 drops per minute.