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Textrans Multi-Vehicle ATF

TEXTRANS MULTI-VEHICLE ATF is a synthetic, automatic transmission fluid suitable for a wide variety of automatic transmissions. The base oil is compatible with both petroleum and other synthetic transmission oils, as well as seals, gaskets, and various types of transmission parts. Although there is no such thing as one transmission fluid for all applications, TEXTRANS MULTI-VEHICLE ATF is close to a universal product.

Full product specs:


Simplifies Choosing A Fluid

While there is no such thing as one transmission fluid for every automatic transmission vehicle, TEXTRANS MULTIVEHICLE ATF is suitable for use in a long list of transmissions. TEXTRANS MULTI-VEHICLE ATF is a suitable replacement for various Dexron and Ford Mercon fluids, as well as Chrysler ATF’s that do not call for an AP-4 automatic transmission fluid. This fluid is also suitable for the replacement of transmission fluid in many major manufacturers, such as Honda, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Toyota, Voith, Volkswagon, and ZF transmissions. Do not attempt to use this fluid in continuously variable transmissions (CVT’s) or dual clutch transmissions (DCT’s).


Provides Superior Protection

The first building block TRC used in making TEXTRANS MULTI-VEHICLE ATF is a superb synthetic base oil. This fluid was chosen for many reasons, including its compatibility with petroleum oils and other synthetic transmission fluids. The fluid is compatible with seals, gaskets, and various types of transmission parts. The base oil has a long service life, even before it is enriched with beefed-up additives.


Protects Shift Quality

TEXTRANS MULTI-VEHICLE ATF contains special friction modifiers to protect shift quality and shift times, ensuring the same quality and smoothness of shift as when the fluid was brand new. Anti-shudder durability performance is an extremely important part of TEXTRANS MULTI-VEHICLE ATF, in an attempt to control boundary friction and its effect on torque capacity. TEXTRANS MULTI-VEHICLE ATF resists viscosity shear down, cold weather thickening, and protects against thermal and oxidation degradation; providing superior lubricating power and detergency capabilities to keep sludge and varnish to an absolute minimum.


Offers Fluid Durability

TEXTRANS MULTI-VEHICLE ATF contains an additive package that allows it to perform exceptionally in both hot and cold temperatures. An extremely low pour point of -60°F. makes this product an easy choice for necessary performance in cold weather; whereas a flash point of 367°F. allows TEXTRANS MULTI-VEHICLE ATF to withstand the harsh desert temperatures in the summer. TEXTRANS MULTI-VEHICLE ATF provides the protection a transmission needs when it is working hard in the cold and the heat, ensuring maximum performance and durability when it is needed most.