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Takilube II Open Gear

Open gears, often referred to as exposed gears, present a lubrication challenge due to the unshielded operation where they are easily contaminated by moisture, dust, remnants from cement, limestone, sand, and coal. Takilube II is up to meeting this lubrication challenge and will adhere better than other open gear lubricants, resist slinging off and providing enhanced protection for the gear teeth.

Full product specs:


Adhesive and Cohesive

As a specialist in heavy-duty lubrication, Texas Refinery Corp continually searches to improve our products and provide the latest technology to our customers. TAKILUBE II is the result of research, special formulating and field testing to address problems presented by lubrication of outside gears. Two characteristics of TAKILUBE II cause it to have the “stickability” necessary for successful lubrication. One characteristic is the adhesion quality – the ability of TAKILUBE II to adhere tightly to the metal surface. The other characteristic is cohesion – the ability of TAKILUBE II to stay on outside gears, providing continuous lubrication.

Fortified With Special Additives

Another requirement for thorough protection of outside gears is for the lubricant to be resistant to extreme loads. TAKILUBE II forms a cushion on the gear face, leaving a film of lubricant to shield the gear surfaces. TAKILUBE II is fortified with a minimum of 3% Molybdenum Disulfide (Moly), which will adhere to the metal surface by plating to the surface, providing a barrier of protection to the surface. Moly is effective at preventing shearing, sparring and premature wear, while providing better lubrication at the point of contact. TAKILUBE II also contains special antioxidants and rust inhibitors to perform in the most extreme situations.



TAKILUBE II is an excellent lubricant for outside gears but it also has many other applications where it can provide outstanding lubrication as an NLGI #3 grade grease. It can be used on Fifth Wheels, Logging Yarders, Manure Driers, Racks, Slides, Vertically Mounted Bearings, Large Motors, and many other applications in industries such as the cement, limestone, sand, coal and logging.



Re-lubrication can be greatly diminished with TAKILUBE II, reducing the amount of product consumed, reducing maintenance tasks and providing an excellent return on investment.