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SEVEN ELEVEN is designed as a general purpose cleaning agent to be used on painted surfaces, floors, walls, equipment and other surfaces where water is safely used. It eliminates solvent degreasing in many operations.

Full product specs:



SEVEN ELEVEN is an amber colored solution with a pleasant synthetic cleaner odor. It is a combination of synthetic surfactants, coupling agents, and water softeners. It has a pH of approximately 9.5 at concentrations of 25%, and contains no solvents, phenolic bodies, soap or free alkali salts or acids.



1. Contains no solvents. Nonflammable; no toxic or noxious fumes.
2. Contains no acid, alkaline or phenolic bodies. Will not harm paint or metals. Safe to use anywhere water is used.
3. Mild on personnel. Hard on grease, grime and dirt.
4. Completely synthetic. Contains no soaps. Free rinsing; not readily acted upon by hard water salts. Leaves no film or scummy residue. Leaves paint bright and shiny.
5. Combines with petroleum-based soils, causing them to emulsify in water solutions.
6. Economical and easy to use. Requires no pre-mixing and no special containers for use.
7. Performs many cleaning operations, cutting down on cleaning chemical inventory.
8. Contains no abrasives to dull or scratch painted surfaces.
9. Authorized for use by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Federally Inspected Meat and Poultry Plants, Category A-1.
10. Manufactured with BIODEGRADABLE ingredients.