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ASPHALT CLEANING SOLVENT is designed for the removal of asphalt type soils. It has a highly effective solvent action on oil, grease, and paraffin as well. It can be used in combination with SUPER BIG RED®.

Full product specs:


High Flash Point

ASPHALT CLEANING SOLVENT has 150° F. flash point, making it much safer than mineral spirit type solvents which flash at 130° F.


High Safety Factor

No chlorinated solvents, eliminating toxic fumes from chlorine compounds. When used with adequate ventilation, ASPHALT CLEANING SOLVENT has a high safety factory for the personnel doing the cleaning operation.


Easy To Use

ASPHALT CLEANING SOLVENT is easy to use and is relatively safe. It contains no acids or alkalis. Brush, flow or soak according to extent of soil.


Multiple Uses

For light asphalt based soils, use at room temperature as it comes from the drum. For small parts, use a soak tank operation. For larger parts, brush or flow on the part to be cleaned.


Powerful Solvent Action

ASPHALT CLEANING SOLVENT has three to five times the solvent action of common solvents like kerosene and mineral spirits.