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The name, L.P. & NATURAL GAS ENGINE OIL, explains its use. It is a low ash oil designed for stationary L.P. and natural gas engines. It is an amber colored, high viscosity index oil. This means minimum thinning out under heat or thickening up under cool temperatures. A high viscosity index oil will thin out less under heat than an oil with a low viscosity index.

Full product specs:


Controls Deposits

Several years ago, natural gas engines were commonly lubricated with uncompounded naphthenic oils or conventional motor oils. Unfortunately, with those lubricants, oil deterioration and engine deposits resulted in frequent shutdowns for maintenance. Texas Refinery Corp. has formulated an oil with additives chosen specifically for L.P. and natural gas engine service. A low ash additive package is used which significantly improves piston deposit control.


Low Ash Oil

Texas Refinery Corp’s L.P. & NATURAL GAS ENGINE OILS are considered low ash products. The low sulfated ash level of 0.50% is much lower than the specification limit of 1%. This low ash formula certainly helps to reduce excessive piston top land deposits. Severe wear can be caused in L.P. or natural gas engines when hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is present in the fuel and a high concentrated ash oil is used. This type of environment can lead to deposits on valves, in the combustion chamber, and excessive damage to the turbocharge units. TRC’s very low sulfated ash levels extend the life of the L.P. and natural gas engines.


Quality Base Oils

The refining processes Texas Refinery Corp. uses for its base oils make L.P. & NATURAL GAS ENGINE OIL one with outstanding quality characteristics. The base oils go through a solvent extraction process that removes undesirable characteristics that might lead to sludge and gum under heated conditions. The oils then go through a hydro-treating step which improves its oxidation resistance as well as its response to the superior quality additives used by Texas Refinery Corp. Last, but not least, the oils go through a dewaxing process making them highly desirable products for lower temperature application. These special refining steps make the oil much better than the OEM specifications of L.P. and natural gas engines.


No VI Improvers

Texas Refinery Corp. L.P. & NATURAL GAS ENGINE OILS do not contain viscosity index improvers. Some engines equipped with electrical governor actuators are not compatible with viscosity index improver polymers. This is because the crankcase oil lubricates these controls and precise control of those engines using electrical governor actuators cannot be provided if the engine oil uses VI improver polymers.


Helps Spark Ignited Engines

Texas Refinery Corp. L.P. & NATURAL GAS ENGINE OILS provide excellent service in heavy-duty spark ignited engines. Using these oils in the 7,000 hour field tests indicated no ring sticking or ring scuffing. In addition, there was no liner scuffing or carbon cutting from excessive piston top land deposits. During these same field tests oil consumption, and valve recession remained well within the test limits allowed. At the end of all specified oil change periods, the oil condition remained within limits for oxidation, nitration and Total Base Number (TBN).


Excellent TBN

Texas Refinery Corp. L.P. & NATURAL GAS ENGINE OIL has a TBN of 7.0. This is low in comparison to some of our oils used in other engines; however, most low ash oils used for L.P. and natural gas engine service only have Total Base Numbers of 5. The extra measure of safety with Texas Refinery Corp. L.P. & NATURAL GAS ENGINE OIL means it is possible for these oils to neutralize more acids and protect against the harmful effects of acids better than many of the commercial oils on the market.

Typical applications for L.P. & NATURAL GAS ENGINE OIL include engines manufactured by Caterpillar, Clark, Cooper-Bessmer, Cummins, Fairbanks Morse, Ingersoll-Rand, (category I, II and III), Stewart, Stevenson, Superior & Waukesha V.H.P. which call for low-ash-type oils for L.P. and natural gas engines.

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