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Seal Saver Plus

When equipment loses its ability to function properly due to older or damaged seals, the results are costly. Seal failure can cause equipment to shut down and increase your consumption and cost of valuable lubricants. Downtime and waste leaves equipment vulnerable to damage and limits production.

Full product specs:


Reduces/Stops Leaks

TRC’s SEAL SAVER PLUS was designed to reduce or stop leaks that result from damaged seals. After time, heavy use and exposure to poor quality lubricants, seals become brittle and can shrink in size. SEAL SAVER PLUS contains a swelling agent that will rejuvenate, preserve and extend the life of these vital parts. Seal damage can leave your operation exposed to unnecessary costs due to leaks. As the lubricants are lost, exposure to wear can lead to equipment failure. Preserve the seal and save the life of the equipment.


Extends Life of Seal/Equipment

SEAL SAVER PLUS is not only ideal for equipment that is currently experiencing leakage through damaged seals, it is also recommended as a preventative maintenance product. Remember, if oil can leak out, dirt and other contaminants can get inside. SEAL SAVER PLUS can help prevent future wear and damage. When added to new equipment, SEAL SAVER PLUS works to prevent seal damage and extend components life to save time and money.




Texas Refinery Corp’s SEAL SAVER PLUS can be used in a variety of applications. SEAL SAVER PLUS can be used with gear oils and in hydraulic systems. This product also gives great added protection when used with transmission and torque fluids. Another great benefit of this product is its compatibility. SEAL SAVER PLUS can be used with petroleum based products or synthetics. SEAL SAVER PLUS’ versatility allows this product to provide benefits in multiple aspects of your operation.



SEAL SAVER PLUS is very economical. When you substitute 5% of your system’s lubricant with SEAL SAVER PLUS, you have added much needed protection. A great product to have on hand, SEAL SAVER PLUS can be used in old equipment, extending the life of used equipment raises the value of this product. New equipment is an expensive investment for any operation. Not only do we recommend SEAL SAVER PLUS for extending the life of old equipment, it is also perfect for your new equipment, making every dollar increase in value.


Contains Superior Additives

In addition to its great seal protecting qualities, SEAL SAVER PLUS contains an anti-foaming agent. Excessive foam can retain heat that is detrimental to components and the equipment’s ability to operate properly. Anti-wear additives promote the long life of equipment. In fact, SEAL SAVER PLUS anti-wear can help prevent future seal breakdown by preventing abrasive wear metals from contaminating the lubricants. Rust and corrosion can occur in any application where parts are exposed to moisture. SEAL SAVER PLUS’ rust and corrosion inhibitors help protect from damage that can shut down equipment and be very costly to remedy.