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Moly Ultra-Tec Gear Lube

MOLY ULTRA-TEC GEAR LUBE provides superior lubrication to gears which are not only precision units, but also expensive to replace considering the high cost of shop time, parts, and disrupted schedules. MOLY ULTRA-TEC GEAR LUBE delivers heavy duty lubrication even under the toughest conditions.

Full product specs:


Two Gear Lubes In One

MOLY ULTRA-TEC GEAR LUBE is the base gear lube, plus the moly protective gear lube. 5% high performance solid film moly and advanced technology lubricants, have been shown to reduce friction, absorb shock loads, reduce operating temperatures and extend re-lubrication cycles. The superior protection provided by the blending of these two products helps extend the service life of both the lubricant and the machines that operate under heavy loads.


Reduces Heat

The advanced technology in MOLY ULTRA-TEC GEAR LUBE helps reduce heat and friction by cushioning the gears it coats. Keeping the smallest of gear surfaces coated so that they produce less heat, reduces the gear wear in the system and prevents the formation of gum and varnish on the gear teeth. MOLY ULTRA-TEC GEAR LUBE provides that extra layer of protection to keep the system operating efficiently; thus extending the life of the lubricant.


Separates From Water

MOLY ULTRA-TEC GEAR LUBE contains breakaway technology that creates a quick and efficient separation from water, providing superior lubrication and longer lubrication life. Normal condensation has the ability to turn into severe water contamination with lower quality gear lubricants. Unfortunately for water, MOLY ULTRA-TEC GEAR LUBE “deflects” unwanted moisture so that the water can easily be drained away by the user.


Adds to Your Profits

MOLY ULTRA-TEC GEAR LUBE handles many abnormal operating conditions, as well as day-to-day operations. Equipment can be used continuously and dependably under adverse loading, high torque and low and high speeds without danger of lube failure. More working hours for every piece of equipment means added profits.