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By combining our most popular grease, 880 CROWN & CHASSIS®, with an exceptional dry film lubricant, molybdenum disulfide, Texas Refinery Corp has once again developed a grease to meet special application needs for today’s equipment. The end result is one of the most advanced multipurpose lubricants available.

Full product specs:


Excellent Extreme Pressure Qualities

With a Timken OK Load Rating of 80 lbs. minimum, MOLY 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® is truly an outstanding extreme pressure grease. It’s ideal for the severest of applications or the simplest day to day operations. Its superiority really shines when there is a surface that turns, slides or has an oscillating motion or where there are heavy shocks or loads present. The more severe the situation the betterMOLY 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® performs.


Dry Film Lubrication

The molybdenum disulfide used in TRC greases conforms to military specification MIL-M-7866. With a minimum of 5% molybdenum disulfide, MOLY 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® provides the ultimate protection against metal to metal contact. Molybdenum disulfide, when plated out on metal surfaces, can withstand up to 500,000 lbs. of pressure per square inch. Thus, MOLY 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® helps reduce scuffing, galling, and wearing of metal surfaces. By reducing wear and friction, bearings operate cooler and last longer, and downtime is reduced dramatically.


Adhesive and Cohesive

Specially formulated to “stay put,” MOLY 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® provides outstanding protection against metal-to-metal contact. Its adhesive qualities allow it to cling to metal, not only providing excellent lubrication, but also sealing out dust and moisture. MOLY 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® combats rust and corrosion. The cohesive qualities of MOLY 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® help it to resist pulling apart. Its special “tackiness” additives give it virtually unequaled ability to avoid slinging off moving or spinning surfaces.


Water Resistant

Its special adhesive and cohesive qualities help MOLY 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® resist washing off even when used for marine-related applications. It is highly water resistant, making it excellent for use in trenching operations as well as construction where water and moisture are encountered. It clings to metal surfaces, sealing out moisture which helps avoid rusting, corrosion, and seizing.



An outstanding multi-purpose grease, MOLY 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® is ideal for any application requiring a standard grease or an extreme pressure lubricant. It’s excellent for use on bearings, sealed or open, high or low speed. It’s very effective when used as a chassis lubricant, for ball joints, fifth wheels, and universal joints. Crane bearing pins, cam and slide mechanisms, and open gears can all benefit from the use of MOLY 880 CROWN & CHASSIS®. Excellent for use on surfaces that turn, slide or have an oscillating motion, MOLY 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® may safely be used for most applications where operating temperatures do not exceed 275°F.


Lowers Grease Consumption

Its special qualities of “staying put” under extreme pressure along with its ability to resist slinging or washing out because of water, make MOLY 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® a truly economical multipurpose grease. Combine this with a minimum of 5% molybdenum disulfide and grease consumed will be dramatically reduced as will repair and maintenance cost. MOLY 880 CROWN & CHASSIS® provides exceptional protection while extending relubrication intervals – – thus greatly reducing inventory requirements.